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pose a question

to ask a question; to imply the need for asking a question. Genetic research poses many ethical questions. My interviewer posed a hypothetical question.
See also: pose, question

pose as someone

to pretend to be someone else. The impostor posed as the president of the company. My twin posed as me while I went on vacation.
See also: pose

pose as someone or something

to pretend to be someone or a type of person. I posed as Gerald and got the job. I posed as a nurse and got a job at a summer camp.
See also: pose

pose for someone or something

to assume a posture appropriate to the subject of a photograph or painting. Paul wanted me to pose for him, but I declined. Will you pose for my painting?
See also: pose

strike a pose

to position oneself in a certain posture. Bob struck a pose in front of the mirror to see how much he had bulked up. Lisa walked into the room and struck a pose, hoping she would be noticed.
See also: pose, strike

strike a ˈpose/an ˈattitude

sit, stand or lie in a position in order to attract attention: He was striking a pose, leaning against the ship’s rail.
See also: attitude, pose, strike
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Paul Robert and Hannah Edyvean of Posable, Titanic Mills, Linthwaite
Buzz Lightyear R/C Lunar Board: Another classic character from Toy Story, this Buzz Lightyear has sound effects, posable joints, a retractable helmet and a remote-control lunar skateboard (SRP $29.
The dolls combine detailed and realistic facial features with soft, fully posable bodies.
99 Age: 6+ TEEN TRENDS(TM) DOLLS: (Winner: 2006 Oppenheim "Gold Seal" Award) Meet the new Teen Trends(TM), the posable 17-inch fashion dolls with "personality
Spin Master's new Tini Puppini line of plush posable 'doggie diva's' is this year's most posh toy line.
With mix 'n' match fashion looks to dress 'em up, posable legs and a tail to show 'em off, these soft-feel plush pets are both lovable and fashionable
Put the posable, 3-3/4" tall, hard vinyl unicorn on a flat surface and then impale one of three 3-1/8" tall, soft vinyl figures including a businessman/boss, new age lady, mime .
Children love World Stars toys because they are fun to play with anywhere -- in the house or car -- and they are fully posable, realistic hero figures, many of which the children are already learning about in school.
Each doll features long hair and posable arms and legs that rotate.
Each of the 12 figures stands approximately 6 inches tall and is posable in a signature stance on a football field base, and should have a retail cost between $8 and $10.
95) -- Nano iGuy Meet iGuy, the only bendable, posable friend for your iPod nano.
While other dolls teeter on feet formed for high-heels, Get Real Girls stand on their own two feet, have posable, fully-articulated bodies and display physical tone and definition for full-action play.
T-Rex Battle Game including 6" Kong and 6" T-Rex - Game features posable Kong and T-Rex figures that twist and swing to attack, each monster has a collapsible feature, and unique fighting techniques - SRP $14.
In addition, Purple Moon's collectible merchandise that extends the Rockett series experience away from the computer including Rockett's World Adventure Cards(TM) and Adventure Friends(TM) posable dolls -- is also available.