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sit for one's portrait

to serve as the subject of a portrait being done by a painter or photographer. I sat for the picture for two hours. Do you mind sitting for the painter all day? It will be easier if you get it over with all at once.
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References in classic literature ?
Some day I will show the world what it is; and for that reason the world shall never see my portrait of Dorian Gray.
Monte Cristo was engaged in examining this portrait with no less care than he had bestowed upon the other, when another door opened, and he found himself opposite to the Count of Morcerf in person.
And, methinks, if the visage of this portrait be so dreadful, it is not without a cause that it has hung so long in a chamber of the Province House.
On the next leaf of the book was the portrait of General Joseph Warren.
De Guiche looked at the portrait again, and, after lengthened contemplation, returned it with apparent unwillingness, saying, "Most decidedly, my lord, I should rather prefer to look ten times at your highness, than to look at Madame once again.
Excuse the admiration of a connoisseur," said he as he waved his hand towards the line of portraits which covered the opposite wall.
As Sir Leicester basks in his library and dozes over his newspaper, is there no influence in the house to startle him, not to say to make the very trees at Chesney Wold fling up their knotted arms, the very portraits frown, the very armour stir?
How stupid of me to speak of the portrait," thought the prince as he entered the study, with a feeling of guilt at his heart, "and yet, perhaps I was right after all.
A snuffbox with the Emperor's portrait is a reward but not a distinction," said the diplomatist- "a gift, rather.
You would only have made a better or worse portrait with a background which every connoisseur would give a different reason for or against.
That intimate friend of Dryden, Tillatson, Pope, who executed a copy of the actor's portrait by Kneller which is still extant, was worthy of their friendship; his career brings out the best elements in stage life.
And yet," Alban persisted, "you broke down in reading the inscription: and considering what talkative woman you are, the portrait has had a strange effect on you--to say the least of it.
She pointed to a miniature portrait, hanging above the mantelpiece.
The doctor's life-size portrait in oil hung in that room, and seemed completely to dominate it.
Upon the space within one of the medallions was painted with exquisite delicacy a woman's head, representing a nymph or a goddess, or perhaps a portrait of some celebrated person--I was not learned enough to say which.