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everything tastes of porridge

No matter how lost one gets in fantasy, the reality of day-to-day life (here represented by "porridge") is always present and cannot be ignored. Just remember, future Broadway star, that everything tastes of porridge.

keep your breath to cool your porridge

Focus on yourself and your life, rather than other people's lives and issues. Lady Martha, I strongly suggest that you keep your breath to cool your porridge, rather than intruding upon these affairs.
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save one's breath

Refrain from arguing about a lost cause, as in You can save your breath; I'm not going to change my mind. This term was also put as save your breath to cool your porridge (or broth), that is, by not blowing on the too hot liquid. The idea of not expending one's breath to say something another person doesn't want to hear dates from the early 1700s.
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do ˈporridge

(British English, old-fashioned, informal) be in prison serving a sentence: He’s doing porridge again, this time for armed robbery.This comes from the fact that as porridge is a cheap food that makes the stomach feel full, it was often served in prisons.
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Piperson was very affable; he slapped Pigling on the back, made lots of porridge and forgot to lock the meal chest.
Pigling Bland made more porridge and watched her shyly.
Howiver, I've made a drap more porridge nor common this mornin'.
The porridge is too hot, and my breath will cool it.
Nicholas distended his stomach with a bowl of porridge, for much the same reason which induces some savages to swallow earth--lest they should be inconveniently hungry when there is nothing to eat.
As it was, I could find no words, neither black nor white, but handed him the letter, and sat down to the porridge with as little appetite for meat as ever a young man had.
He carried me to the back of the house, where was a draw-well, and told me to "wash my face there, if I wanted;" and when that was done, I made the best of my own way back to the kitchen, where he had lit the fire and was making the porridge.
I should like cabbage soup and porridge better than anything; but of course there's nothing like that here.
Glegg paused from his porridge and looked up, not with any new amazement, but simply with that quiet, habitual wonder with which we regard constant mysteries.
Glegg, seeing that she did not proceed to give it him as usual, when he had finished his porridge.
Look away now all Scots - the best porridge maker in the world is English.
PAPA BEAR: WTF IS PORRIDGE I WANT HUMAN FLESH When chopping vegetables on TV you are legally required to casually drape a dishtowel over your shoulder
Nursery and Reception Class children at Crow Lane Primary have been using the school's outdoor woodland area to act out the story of The Magic Porridge Pot (see above).
BY MARY MCDONNELL JAMES Flahavan - seventh generation and head of international sales - explained that their porridge business is booming in South Korea.
Mornflake is setting another precedent in the cereal category with its latest instant porridge pots range--co-branding with Nutella[R] and Lyles Golden Syrup