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contrary to popular opinion

Opposite to what is popularly or generally expected or believed. Usually used to introduce such a statement. Contrary to popular opinion, higher taxes end up benefiting people more than lower ones.

contrary to popular belief/opinion

something that you say before you make a statement that is the opposite of what most people believe Contrary to popular belief, bottled water is not always better than tap water.
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The 2000 Bonneville SE has a base MSRP (including destination charges) of $24,295 and will be priced at $25,700 popularly equipped.
Bray, to prove that the popularly perceived vices of the adolescent--indiscipline, lack of self control, precocious independence and poor character--were thought to be most characteristic of working-class youth.
Srinagar, March 29 (ANI): Sudden rise of pollution levels is increasingly affecting Jammu and Kashmir, popularly known as 'Paradise' on earth.
The bridge is proving something of a triumph, unlike the Pont Charles de Gaulle by Arretche and Karasinski, which links the Gare de Lyon with the Gare d'Austerlitz and seems to be popularly unloved.
The Index," as it was popularly known, was a list of officially banned books.
The Western Publishing and Sierra alliance includes the development of popularly priced educational software for children, ages 3-8, which Western Publishing will market as part of its Golden Step Ahead(R) educational line.
In an address commemorating Earth Day, President Bill Clinton pledged to sign the United Nations convention popularly known as the biodiversity treaty, In the April 21 speech, he also promised to reduce U.
With the addition of these four new ArcSoft titles, we're giving mass retailers a full line of easy to use and popularly priced programs," said Larry Swensen, ArcSoft Vice President of Retail Sales.
Summary: DUBAI- Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, popularly known as du, while clarifying a media report said the telecom firm has been following a strategy to focus on the UAE markets.
Summary: A ten-day cultural carnival popularly known as Taj Mahotsav kick started on Wednesday at Agra.
The students traded three days of school for a three-day science adventure at the Catalina Island Marine Institute camp, popularly called Camp CIMI.
Insights and vignettes about the beliefs of a truly great man reveal the true story behind popularly circulated tales of Lincoln's life and faith, in this engrossing new portrait.
Modeled after the popularly acclaimed Open Studios by Bay Area visual artists, these activities will be free and open to the public.
Brevetoxins, for example, the deadly by-products of a massive algae bloom popularly known as "red tide?
Kronan, with its distinctive green and yellow packaging, will offer consumers the first popularly priced pouch snus produced under strict Gothiatek(R) standards for product quality.