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If water somehow enters the wall, perhaps from the interior side, the coating along with a portion of the brick will pop off in large flakes.
We wanted a package that would pop off the shelves, something that would stand out from the countless clutter of other gourmet gifts.
Colors pop off the parchment, bringing the tiniest of these narrative scenes seemingly to life.
No wonder we pop off well before our healthier European cousins.
Mike Kinkade, a right-handed hitter, can play left field and first base and provide pop off the bench.
Using systems based on AMD Athlon MP processors provided rendering stability and speed that allowed the Janimation team to focus on creative details that made the special effects pop off the screen.
She told us: "I must get my will sorted because I don't know when I might pop off.
Our trees are fresh,'' said Andy Santiago, the lot's manager, gently twisting a branch around his finger to show that no dry needles would pop off.
VERSUS BOOKS' Luigi's Mansion Perfect Guide sports a thick, high-gloss cover and features detailed rendered maps using unique VERSUS BOOKS mapping technology that makes them literally pop off the page.
I saw them put the gardening shears to my thumb, and I saw my thumb pop off.
The 24-pound paper features a brightness of 108+ and whiteness of 155, which makes text appear darker and crisper and delivers vibrant, clear colors to make graphics and images pop off the page.
WASHINGTON - A Utah maker of baby-soother toys is recalling about 8,800 of them because some parts can pop off, posing a choking hazard.
Mix Ryan, creator of "Dino Island II 3D" and Iwerks' vice president of film production, said, "This award confirms what our audiences have said since May when the film premiered -- that `Dino Island II 3D: Escape From Dino Island' is a tremendous display of life-like action, adventure and characters that literally pop off the screen.
DeShaun runs over a lot of guys, but their head doesn't usually pop off.
We anticipate `Escape From Dino Island 3D' to be an unrivaled success as the images from the film literally pop off the screen, creating an exciting new attraction for our theme park.