pop back

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pop back (for something)

to come back to a place for just a moment. Okay, I think I can pop back for a minute. I have to pop back for something I forgot.
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So it's like you have to see the doctor and get a pill but then suddenly I pop back up.
There are a few little details that need doing, so hopefully I can pop back and do them now I'll have more time on my hands.
Chas is horrified when Colin's widow turns up so she does a runner with Lexi, but they're not very good at hiding out because they pop back to the Dingles for breakfast.
uk website, the tenor revealed on Wednesday: "I'm writing this from a hotel in London where I have been staying whilst the album has been recorded - but yesterday I did manage to pop back to the mobile phone shop where I was working just a few weeks ago and see my friends which was lovely - and I even managed to sell a phone while I was there
Then pop back in eight months to collect your winnings.
And I'm pretty sure I had a dislocated shoulder that managed to pop back in; I'll probably be dealing with that for a while.
Wood imbues her movement with snapping limbs that pop back to center, while the women she portrays are complex, even contradictory beings who move against invisible obstacles.
He said: ''We need to get pop back to what it should be intelligent, fun music, not karaoke nonsense.
Then they pop back to the surface, collecting data en route.
3 Next top with grated cheese and pop back into the oven for another 6-7 minutes until the egg is just cooked and the cheese melted.
Inspector Paul Stewart, of Washington Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "People might think they're saving time by leaving the engine running to de-ice the car while they pop back into their house but it makes the car a very easy target for thieves.
Frosty mornings will catch many people out who, to avoid being late for work, will leave cars unattended to defrost and pop back into the house.
Our spy confirms: "She just managed to pop back to the Hilton to pick up a few things before rushing straight back to her X Factor duties ahead of this weekend''s big final.
Talking at the premiere of his new short film Runaway in London, which features music from his new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy out November 22, the rapper managed to have a pop back at his fashion pack snubbers.