in the poorhouse

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*in the poorhouse

1. Lit. in a (historical) communal dwelling for impoverished persons. (*Typically: live ~; end up ~.) He couldn't pay his debts and had to live in the poorhouse.
2. Fig. in a state of poverty. (*Typically: live ~; end up ~.) If I lose my job, we'll end up in the poorhouse.
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Davis also called his production company Poorhouse and when he died, I organized a scholarship in his name and his widow allowed me to use it.
Destitute people could be denied benefits or admission to the poorhouse if they were judged to be immoral, lazy, alcoholic, quarrelsome, or a bad influence on others.
The treatment of poorhouse residents with intellectual disabilities in the early 1870s offers one rough means of gauging general poorhouse conditions across the state.
Prior to the tramp crisis, the Illinois Board of Public Charities condemned counties that severely restricted outdoor relief because they believed that relegating people to the poorhouse too quickly would demoralize them.
the Keystone Trappe Rock quarry at Cornog (exquisite small specimens of Alpine-type cleft minerals), Brinton's quarry at Darlington's Corners (the world's best large clinochlore crystals), the Poorhouse quarry, West Bradford Township (excellent microcline), Corundum Hill, Newlin Township (good corundum and superb diaspore crystals), the fields around Parkesburg where line rutile crystals may still be found loose in the soil.
Still, the problem of social control remains central to any study of the nineteenth-century poorhouse.
Poor little poorhouse, I christen thee United States Naval War College.
Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes sings like John Updike's first novel The Poorhouse Fair.
Families can dress up in costume and visit the poorhouse and grand parlour at Charlecote Park, near Stratford, while listening to tales and music.
It's bad enough that betting on Gonzaga can land you in the poorhouse.
To prevent her family from ending up in the poorhouse, Dora takes over the business proving that she is more than just a housewife.
My work, as I fallibly understand it, concerns itself with issues of religion and belief from the first novel, The Poorhouse Fair, which houses an extended religious debate and a latter-day version of the stoning of St.
PUNTERS were left in the poorhouse when Heathcote ran out the longest priced winner in the history of the totesport Trophy.
That works out to just over $100,000 in today's dollars--not enough to make the O'Reillys stinking rich, but not paltry enough to send them to the poorhouse, either.
Based on newspaper accounts, poorhouse records, oral history interviews, and local government records, Wagner provides a rich description of life in six New England poorhouses between the 1830s and the 1940s.