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My children must not mind being the poorer for that.
You'll never be the poorer for this, my dear boy, if there's a God above; and if the money's wanted for your father, Moss and me 'ull pay it, the same as if there was ever such security.
If he meant to give your aunt the money before ever he got into this sad work o' lawing, it's the same as if he'd made away with the note himself; for he'd made up his mind to be that much poorer.
ISLAMABAD -- Even mild depression among patients with head and neck cancer are associated with poorer overall survival, a new study said.
A], January 22 (ANI): Sadness and anticipatory grief are normal reactions to the various crises faced during cancer and now, a recent study has found that even mild depressive symptoms were associated with poorer overall survival.
Nobody voted to be poorer AS usual Bryan Christley offers more heat than light on Brexit negotiations.
POORER NEIGHBORHOODS face a higher risk of becoming home to disease-carrying mosquitoes than their richer counterparts, researchers find.
Evidence from the US suggests poorer voters are less likely to have access to forms of ID, such as passports or drivers' licences.
And if we're honest about it making the citizenry poorer is not normally regarded as a general aim of economic policy.
YOUNG people from poorer backgrounds are more likely than their better-off peers to say they do not know anyone who could help them find a job, a study has found.
I FIND it sad that our country only wants to take in immigrants from poorer countries in the EU who have the skills that will earn them a certain amount, PS32,000 pa I believe.
THE proportion of poorer students at some of the UK's leading universities has fallen in the past decade despite attempts to boost numbers, according to new research.
It is just going to make the poorer tenants poorer.
VyYANA (CyHAN)- The global financial crisis and resulting austerity measures implemented in poorer eurozone countries have led to a strong increase in the suicide rates among men there, a new study has claimed.
VICE President Jejomar Binay vowed to change the way the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) is being shared so that the excess IRA of richer cities will go to poorer local government units (LGUs).