poor little rich girl

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poor little rich girl/boy/kid

A sarcastic and unsympathetic label for someone, especially a young person, who has access to vast wealth but is discontent at a spiritual or existential level. During the interview, the young billionaire CEO gave a tearful account about not having any meaningful relationships, the poor little rich girl. He's just another poor little rich boy desperately looking for attention because mommy and daddy are too busy earning money to play with him. The film centers around these poor little rich kids wandering around New York City, trying to find meaning in the world.
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poor little rich girl (or boy)

a wealthy young person whose money brings them no contentment (often used as an expression of mock sympathy).
‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ was the title of a 1925 song by Noel Coward .
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poor little rich girl

Unhappy heiress. In contrast to Job's turkey, the subject of this phrase wants for nothing—except emotional support. The original “poor little rich girl” was socialite Barbara Hutton, heiress to the Woolworth (“Five and Dime” stores) and E. F. Hutton investment banking fortunes. She had a lonely childhood, seven failed— and in many cases, exploitive—marriages, and died a broken (and nearly broke) woman at age sixty-six. The phrase has been applied to other women whose lives were sad in spite (or perhaps because of inherited wealth).
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Poor Little Rich Girl is the first of Temple's self-reflexive films, and it raises the question of whether a child star performance involves work or play, i.
In his remake of Poor Little Rich Girl (1965), Munt of course pays homage to Warhol.
But now that her poor little rich girl character has been killed off, the gazelle-like actress has set her sights on a Hollywood film career and has spent the summer embroiled in a publicity blitz that makes Paris Hilton look positively work-shy.
ON Poor Little Rich Girl, posh Sheridan was humbled.
Today, however, Columbia is swathed in irony, flooded with irony, embarrassed by the story of the poor little rich girl who bought homework and the rich little basketball coach who sang siren songs to players.
On Wednesday, Rosemary Mermone will transfer the ownership of Poor Little Rich Girl Too over to Smith, and the store won't miss a minute of its regular hours.
Pallas is the poor little rich girl whose parents' and lover's betrayal is followed by rape.
Tallulah Bankhead is terrific as the poor little rich girl who learns the virtues of democratic life, and Walter Slezak does a nicely nasty turn as the Nazi in the woodpile.
Heiress Athina Onassis - dubbed the poor little rich girl - feels "great abhorrence for everything which is Greek", according to a statement made in court.
From the outset we know that this Adina is not simply a coy, pretty-voiced, poor little rich girl but a spirited, passionate woman in love.
What is most interesting here is Oppenheimer's presentation of the inside gossip of the early years of television--the behind-the-scenes intrigues, friendships, squabbles, and struggles of the poor little rich girl striving for success.
POOR little rich girl Tamara Ecclestone's new hubby Jay Rutland had a right run of bad luck last Wednesday night.
She made various guest appearances in TV series until landing the part of poor little rich girl Rachel Green in Friends in 1994.
And despite having made millions from teenage flicks like Mean Girls and the Parent Trip, it seems Tinseltown has lost its sparkle for poor little rich girl Lindsay.