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non compos

(ˈnɑn ˈkɑmpos)
1. mod. out of one’s mind; non compos mentis. She is strictly non compos!
2. and non compos poopoo mod. alcohol intoxicated. That gal isn’t just drunk. She’s non compos poopoo.
See also: compo, non

non compos poopoo

See also: compo, non, poopoo
References in classic literature ?
Two-thirds of the way up were completed when the rain was exchanged for GNILLIC, with which the BODEN was thickly covered, and before we arrived at the top the GNILLIC and mist became so thick that we could not see one another at more than twenty POOPOO distance, and it became difficult to pick our way over the rough and thickly covered ground.
Tom has created Stick Dog and friends, PooPoo, Stripes, Karen, and Mutt, who look remarkably like stick dog but with defining features such as stripes, spots, and curls.
Push the racing side of the event, in the full knowledge that a significant proportion of its customer base will poopoo the team event, or look at another way of getting people in?
A lot of people are going to poopoo the cell phones, but I want to see that worked out carefully.
Mom, I have been reading this book, it is fun" "My apple becomes poopoo and peepee in my tummy.
Well, the commissioner is a poopoo head who hates lumbermen
His elves, under the regime of their new boss, work overtime to make toys named Princess PeePee and PooPoo, and the infamous 315th Day Toy (which fell apart on the 315th day of the year each year).