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scoop the pool (or the kitty)

be completely successful; gain everything.
In gambling games, the pool or kitty is the total amount of money that is staked.
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pool up

1. To accumulate in pools of liquid: Because the seal around the bathtub leaks, water pools up on the floor every time I shower.
2. To group some resources for the common advantage of the participants or contributors: We pooled our money up so that we could buy a new TV. If the kids pool up their allowances, they could buy a baseball bat.
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dirty pool

n. activities conducted using unfair or sneaky tactics. When they start playing dirty pool, it’s time to get mean.
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pocket pool

n. the act of a male playing with his genitals with his hand in his pants pocket. (Usually objectionable.) Stop playing pocket pool and get to work.
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n. sneaking into private or public swimming pools at night or during the off-hours. The kids went pool-hopping, and one of them nearly drowned.
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In Section IV, we summarize the demographic characteristics of our participants and discuss the differences in overall experimental behavior among students, poolers, and non-poolers.
Among those players who have worn the colours of both clubs are Mark Jones, Byron Hayward, Jonathan Hawker, Stephen John and Alan Phillips, of Pooler, while Ebbw skipper Chay Billen began his career with Pontypool.
For Pooler, it spelled the end of their hopes and aspirations and Cardiff went on to extend their lead still further with a late scoring blitz.
Guests who visit McAlister's Deli in Pooler will receive a free 32-ounce McAlister's Famous Sweet Tea(TM).
8 'Merve the Swerve' had lost his battle against cancer, but the team came out after an emotional minute's silence at St Helen's to see off Pooler by six tries to one.
It is just over seven years since Keys won at Pontypool Park and they will be without Gerwyn Price, Rhys Williams and former Pooler captain Cae Trayhern, but Dragons pair Tom Brown and Huw Gustafsson will play.
Pooler tackled with great gusto and then suddenly burst away to force Llandovery into an error which ended with home flanker Shaun Miles yellow carded near his posts.
They scored a try after just one minute when flanker Kieran Murphy ran in unopposed from a line-out on the Pooler 22.
The committee collected just less than 2,000 signatures in Green's district over three months, well short of the 4,274 signatures necessary to force a recall vote, Pooler said.
Dan Rafferty, compact equipment product manager for JCB Inc, Pooler, Ga.
New Look chairman Howard Dyer, 50, dated director Mandy Pooler seven months before sacking Jim Hodkinson.
The new selssessment rules have given the Inland Revenue extensive powers to investigate individuals or partnerships without having to have a reason, according to Mr David Pooler, senior tax manager at accountants Moores Rowland.
Bonymaen hooker Darren Poland was sent off in the 21st minute for fighting, and the Pooler prop Wayne Morgan went the same way midway through the second period.