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scoop the pool

To win all, most, or the most coveted of the available awards or rewards in some competition. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The film scooped the pool at the awards ceremony last night, winning the three top prizes for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress. Among online retailers, the new company clearly scooped the pool this year, capturing an incredible 70% of the market.
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scoop the pool (or the kitty)

be completely successful; gain everything.
In gambling games, the pool or kitty is the total amount of money that is staked.
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pool up

1. To accumulate in pools of liquid: Because the seal around the bathtub leaks, water pools up on the floor every time I shower.
2. To group some resources for the common advantage of the participants or contributors: We pooled our money up so that we could buy a new TV. If the kids pool up their allowances, they could buy a baseball bat.
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dirty pool

n. activities conducted using unfair or sneaky tactics. When they start playing dirty pool, it’s time to get mean.
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pocket pool

n. the act of a male playing with his genitals with his hand in his pants pocket. (Usually objectionable.) Stop playing pocket pool and get to work.
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n. sneaking into private or public swimming pools at night or during the off-hours. The kids went pool-hopping, and one of them nearly drowned.
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Pooler noted that the children of one of his Latino farmworkers have moved far from agriculture.
Pooler failed with the conversion attempt to leave RGC 12 points behind with the score at 19-7.
What happens after those 10 years is what has Pooler and others concerned, however.
Llanelli claimed the bonus point with a kick-and-chase try from fullback Justin James before Pooler got a fine try through wing Rory Budina and a Hancock penalty.
O'Driscoll kicked penalties for Pooler, but after the break, he, Jason Tovey and Tom Hancock all missed penalty attempts, while Davies took his two shots superbly.
This is instructive because, although Judge Pooler has the largest number of dissents, Judge Straub has dissented at a higher percentage, notable especially because he is a senior judge.
Chirk Castle headkeeper Steve Stringer (left) and David Pooler, of the NGO, hand over pounds 500 to Hannah Penney, of Hope House
Although we suspect that pooler teamwork at the boat level accounts for much of the difference in productivity, we also wondered whether social preferences could explain the differential.
We don't want to take people's jobs from them," Pooler said.
However, rather than attempting to stigmatise tax planning, he would do well to consider the alternative: a drastic simplification of the tax regime," charged Mr Pooler.
First division Pooler have been out of the big time for seven years since they were relegated, but they showed they have finally roused themselves by devouring Swansea in the last round in a match that did more to undermine the Gang of Six than a thousand special general meetings.
Geographer James Pooler of the University of Saskatchewan believes that hierarchies have a significant impact on our institutions and cities.
In 2000 JCB opened its first North American manufacturing facility in Pooler (Savannah), Ga.
It was no surprise that Pooler gave very good account of themselves in the first half.
Pooler, the Company's recently-appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, had stepped down from his position by mutual agreement with the Company.