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pontificate on something

to speak and act dogmatically and pompously. Must you pontificate on your own virtues so much? The speaker was pontificating on the virtues of a fat-free diet.
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We intend to report this new pontificate as openly as we can as professional journalists.
Another way the College of Cardinals traditionally thinks about what kind of change to make after a long pontificate is through the lens of geography.
It is no surprise that the tone of this Curia document is extremely juridical; the closer John Paul's pontificate comes to its conclusion, the bolder it becomes.
Unfortunately this new profile took place during the waning years of John Paul II's pontificate, when his declining health made it difficult for him to offer the robust response that was typical of his earlier leadership.
So when I hear the experts, pardon the pun, pontificate on what is going to happen in Rome and who is not going to be considered for the chair of Peter, I think of the old line about how one gets a chuckle out of God .
HOW patronising of John Reid to pontificate that 'the poor' be allowed to smoke.
As in Hovius' inability to realize perfectly his ideal of the good pastor, so too in many other aspects of his pontificate, it is evident that the church of the Catholic Reformation was not "the monolith it was later imagined t o be" (161).
Contemporary opinion and the judgment of historians have generally been very negative, seeing his pontificate as the beginning of the sorry episode of the "Babylonian captivity" of the papacy.
There seems to be a gap between the assumptions of the media and political elites inside the Beltway, who pontificate about elections, and the voters who actually decide them.
The segments allow prominent indie figures to pontificate on their favorite subject or air their grievances.
In 1978, when the 33-day pontificate of John Paul I created the "year of three popes," four such bonuses were paid over a period of less than three months.
In this regard, from the first days of my Pontificate and in a particular way during my recent visit to the Synagogue in Cologne, I have expressed my own firm determination to walk in the footsteps traced by my beloved predecessor Pope John Paul II.
Interrupting her charges' vocal offerings often to pontificate directly to the audience (who ostensibly are auditing the class), Callas haughtily imposes her insights about artistic commitment and creative genius.
During his Sunday address in St Peter's Square, he said: "Still alive in my mind are the intense emotions felt in recent days, during which so many people were close around me on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the pontificate.
An 80-year-old Roman Catholic nun who looked after Pope John Paul II in his Vatican apartment throughout his pontificate has been made an Army major in her native Poland.
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