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worth pondering

Deserving of consideration. A: "I did so well on my report card that I think I should be allowed to borrow the car tomorrow night." B: "Hmm, it's worth pondering."
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ponder (up)on something

to think on something; to consider something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Ponder upon this awhile. See what you come up with. I need to ponder on this.
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XYIENCE gives me the energy I need to be the best wife, mom and broadcaster I can be," said Samantha Ponder, reporter for ESPN "College GameDay.
Ponder was pressured and knocked down by defensive end Shea McLellin and linebacker James Anderson.
Ponder and his partner Rachel Dougall have enjoyed a lavish lifestyle on the paradise island in a palatial PS1,000-a-week villa.
Ponder and Rachel Dougall were arrested alongside Sandiford in a "sting" by Indonesian police in May last year.
Betz and Ponder were charged late last month under a century-old federal law barring the discharge of material into navigable waters without a permit.
I had thought about retiring, but was bored stiff in six months," Ponder says of his time after leaving Republic.
If you doubt something is radically wrong with our current health-care system, please ponder the case of William McGuire, the departing CEO of one of the nation's largest health-care insurers, UnitedHealth Group Inc.
There is much to ponder in Evans's paper that resuscitates many ideas from Arthur Holmes of a generation ago.
Moments Together for Living What You Believe is a Christian devotional that offers scripture, questions to ponder, and spiritual topics for discussion and shared prayer.
A second point to ponder is about peace and reconciliation.
I will leave you to look at the site and ponder these and other questions.
But when you ponder it, the exclusion of HIV/AIDS in Les Invasions barbares is both strikingly odd and very significant.
Just a glance through the topics covered in this issue is enough to make a superintendent ponder early retirement.