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pollute something with something

to adulterate something with something; to dirty something with something. You should not pollute the stream with chemicals. Someone polluted the sewer with automotive oil.
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Those guys are really polluted.
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References in classic literature ?
Considered alone, the railways will not pollute the springs of life, but as a whole they are accursed.
No longer should the defiler of the temple pollute the sight of the lord god almighty.
My Lord not only declares his entire approval of the woman's conduct, but expresses his own abominable doubts of his wife's fidelity in language of such horrible brutality that no lady could pollute her lips by repeating it.
Gold and silver we will tell them that they have from God; the diviner metal is within them, and they have therefore no need of the dross which is current among men, and ought not to pollute the divine by any such earthly admixture; for that commoner metal has been the source of many unholy deeds, but their own is undefiled.
I will stand,' returned Mr Haredale impatiently, 'on this dismantled, beggared hearth, and not pollute it, fallen as it is, with mockeries.
Ranjan Garg, pollution expert said that the sewage which is discharged directly into the water stream, pollutes the soil so much that it becomes unfit for cultivation.
One thing that no-one has raised is what if the person who has a high-polluting car does, say, just 6,000 miles per year and someone with a car that pollutes less uses that car for, say, 60,000 miles per year, just who is polluting the most?