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straw poll

An unofficial vote, poll, or survey to gauge the voting public's opinion of an issue or a political candidate. The latest straw poll puts the incumbent president well ahead of his opponent, but it's eight weeks to the election, and a lot can happen in that time.
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take a straw poll

To conduct an unofficial vote, poll, or survey to gauge the voting public's opinion of an issue or a political candidate. After taking the latest straw poll, the incumbent president is placed well ahead of his opponent. However, it's eight weeks until the election, and a lot can happen in that time.
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go to the polls

to go to a place to vote; to vote. What day do we go to the polls? Our community goes to the polls in November.
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go to the polls

to vote in an election The country will go to the polls on 6th June.
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straw vote

Also, straw poll. An unofficial vote or poll indicating how people feel about a candidate or issue. For example, Let's take a straw poll on the bill and see how it fares. This idiom alludes to a straw used to show in what direction the wind blows, in this case the wind of public opinion. O. Henry joked about it in A Ruler of Men (1907): "A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows." [c. 1885]
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Such practice, which for all practical purposes mean publication of exit polls while claiming that the same is only an opinion poll, the EC said in its communication to heads of all media organisations.
Biannual polls for the local university (the Jamaica Leadership and Governance polls sponsored by the Centre for Leadership and Governance at the University of the West Indies).
The move will cost taxpayers an extra $625,000 annually but makes poll workers' pay comparable to that in other large counties throughout the state.
Participating local Leagues gathered information on how long people waited in line to vote; whether or not directions were posted at the polling place, voters were being turned away, poll workers were applying ID requirements in a uniform and nondiscriminatory fashion, the polls opened on time; and much more.
Dove says that more people want to monitor polls in November.
So, presuming higher turnout, an arguably better predictor of election results would be polls of registered voters--both those who voted and those who stayed home in 2000.
If we Americans continue to allow ourselves to be influenced by polls, we might as well tear up the Constitution, abolish Congress, and ask a pollster to discover what we should do about everything.
For example, in a recent AOL poll more than 80% of people felt their professional future was uncertain.
Most major polling organizations, including Gallup, called at least one election result wrong, and Zogby International got five results wrong out of 17 polls performed.
But the poll also found an erosion of popularity even among U.
In many cases, poll workers who refused to allow voters to cast their ballot declined to make any effort to verify their registration status, telling them instead to "come back later.
By the end of the campaign, there were not only multiple national tracking polls.
Both polls show McCain leading with 35% and Bush closely trailing.
And most of those polls show that to know gay people is, if not to love them, to at least be more likely to support their basic rights.
From the opening page, which offers "America's most wanted" painting (dishwasher-size, as preferred by 67 percent of the representative sample), the reader becomes a participant in a radical happening, '90s-style, complete with polls, global travel, and practical jokes.