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straw poll

An unofficial vote, poll, or survey to gauge the voting public's opinion of an issue or a political candidate. The latest straw poll puts the incumbent president well ahead of his opponent, but it's eight weeks to the election, and a lot can happen in that time.
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take a straw poll

To conduct an unofficial vote, poll, or survey to gauge the voting public's opinion of an issue or a political candidate. After taking the latest straw poll, the incumbent president is placed well ahead of his opponent. However, it's eight weeks until the election, and a lot can happen in that time.
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go to the polls

to go to a place to vote; to vote. What day do we go to the polls? Our community goes to the polls in November.
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go to the polls

to vote in an election The country will go to the polls on 6th June.
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straw vote

Also, straw poll. An unofficial vote or poll indicating how people feel about a candidate or issue. For example, Let's take a straw poll on the bill and see how it fares. This idiom alludes to a straw used to show in what direction the wind blows, in this case the wind of public opinion. O. Henry joked about it in A Ruler of Men (1907): "A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows." [c. 1885]
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At ward 4 of UC Allahdad of Philji station quarrel erupted when leader of PPP Pir Mujeeb arrived at the polling station and supporters of two rival candidates started to protest.
After the situation got worst in one of the polling station at Gulbahar, the FC was called to control the situation and resumed the normal balloting during last moment of the polling.
Strategic polling and survey management (SPSM) is that set of logistical processes and activities that are used to effectively manage and negotiate the resources, the environmental circumstances and the core objectives of a polling/survey exercise within time, scope, quality and cost parameters.
Also, communications systems should be provided on Election Day between each polling place and the registrar's central office to ensure accurate voter and polling place information.
In the 1999 election, a group calling itself Citizens for a Better Hamtramck went to the polling centers in Hamtramck, Michigan, and approached people who appeared to be Arab.
In Weissberg's world of political polling, people express judgments about how much of other people's property should be used by still other people to pursue goals through methods the effectiveness of which the people being polled have no special ability to judge.
Witnesses also charged that, although handicapped people were able to get into some polling places, the polling booths weren't acceptable to them and their requests for special ballots or other assistance was denied in African American precincts
Fienberg calls tracking polls "the best example of overdoing it with polling.
Therefore, the ECP will establish 723 additional polling stations to facilitate this number.
Rangers will be put on alert to maintain law and order situation in the sensitive polling stations of A category.
The 5 Things arms voters with the information they need to be confident that they can vote and can walk away from their polling place knowing that their vote counts.
Nader, who is polling anywhere between 2 and 7 percent, is likely to recede as a factor in this election, however.
This wasn't a stray comment, but a glimpse of a larger strategy that has served Bush extremely well since he first launched his campaign for president--the myth that his administration doesn't use polling.
However, some signs of hope are evident for Republicans in the polling data.
ABBOTTABAD -- The Election Commission of Cantonment Board Abbottabad (CBA) has nominated 45 presiding officers for similar number of polling stations, where 40000 voters would cost their votes in the board poll 2015.