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straw poll

An unofficial vote, poll, or survey to gauge the voting public's opinion of an issue or a political candidate. The latest straw poll puts the incumbent president well ahead of his opponent, but it's eight weeks to the election, and a lot can happen in that time.
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take a straw poll

To conduct an unofficial vote, poll, or survey to gauge the voting public's opinion of an issue or a political candidate. After taking the latest straw poll, the incumbent president is placed well ahead of his opponent. However, it's eight weeks until the election, and a lot can happen in that time.
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go to the polls

to go to a place to vote; to vote. What day do we go to the polls? Our community goes to the polls in November.
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go to the polls

to vote in an election The country will go to the polls on 6th June.
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straw vote

Also, straw poll. An unofficial vote or poll indicating how people feel about a candidate or issue. For example, Let's take a straw poll on the bill and see how it fares. This idiom alludes to a straw used to show in what direction the wind blows, in this case the wind of public opinion. O. Henry joked about it in A Ruler of Men (1907): "A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows." [c. 1885]
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Despite damage done by the big business scandals of a few years ago, the polled executives perceived a business integrity comeback.
Often tied to that was the need to build community support, in part by ensuring corporate responsibility and management accountability -- an issue raised by 12 percent of those polled.
56% of those polled feel that changes in auditing guidelines and subsequent increased scrutiny on educational institutions will highlight any alternative investment risk.
Around 40 percent votes were polled at PS-112, Jhok Bilo Wali girls school, where 498 votes were polled out of 1280 in NA-151 till 1145 hours.
Only 80 votes were polled at female polling station No 83 in NA-149 while in PS-80 female polling station, 146 votes were cast out of 729.
Koptyug polled students at the school where she teaches, clerks at the local store where she buys bread and milk, and scientists at the International Tomography Center nearby.
Farah Kamal, a Planet Pollster in Pakistan, commented that she did not think that those she polled could actually visualize that they were taking part in a global event.
Of the 303 online consumers polled, 46% said that the data they stored was not just of high importance, but irreplaceable.
Fewer than half of those polled updated their anti-virus software at least monthly, yet many were concerned with the damage a computer virus can cause.
In theory, with a sample of this size and after weighting the data, one can say with 95 percent certainty that the results have a statistical precision of plus or minus 2 percentage points of what they would be if the entire adult population of the United States had been polled with complete accuracy.
With Republicans currently projected to win 10 governorships versus the Democrats' one in the states being polled, Democratic wins in both Colorado or Maryland will still result in a net loss for the Democrats on a state level.
Of agents polled, 40 percent booked travelers to the Grand Canyon and 29 percent booked vacationers on cruises to destinations around the world.