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straw poll

An unofficial vote, poll, or survey to gauge the voting public's opinion of an issue or a political candidate. The latest straw poll puts the incumbent president well ahead of his opponent, but it's eight weeks to the election, and a lot can happen in that time.
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take a straw poll

To conduct an unofficial vote, poll, or survey to gauge the voting public's opinion of an issue or a political candidate. After taking the latest straw poll, the incumbent president is placed well ahead of his opponent. However, it's eight weeks until the election, and a lot can happen in that time.
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go to the polls

to go to a place to vote; to vote. What day do we go to the polls? Our community goes to the polls in November.
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go to the polls

to vote in an election The country will go to the polls on 6th June.
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straw vote

Also, straw poll. An unofficial vote or poll indicating how people feel about a candidate or issue. For example, Let's take a straw poll on the bill and see how it fares. This idiom alludes to a straw used to show in what direction the wind blows, in this case the wind of public opinion. O. Henry joked about it in A Ruler of Men (1907): "A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows." [c. 1885]
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The Election Commission had this month banned the publication and dissemination of exit polls of any kind from April 7, the first phase of Lok Sabha elections, till May 12 when the last phase of the polling ends.
He serves as project manager for Behavioural and Market Research International and for the Centre for Leadership and Governance, and coordinates the fieldwork for the national Stone Polls.
Only about half the poll workers McCormack normally relies on to staff the polls were available to serve this election.
The poll demonstrated that good business partnerships aren't always about financial gain," explains Tank.
The hotline also received calls from county election officials, election judges and poll workers seeking guidance on federal and state election laws.
And in Florida's late August primary, representatives from People for the American Way saw poll workers turn back registered voters who neglected to bring their IDs.
According to the most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, Bush's approval rating now stands at 51 percent.
Like television, a public opinion poll isn't inherently evil.
One poll asked if pulp and paper companies encouraged creative thinking and innovation from their employees.
He has a narrower thesis to defend: that polls designed to ask voters if they want more government spending on any given item don't generate politically useful information.
In almost every country, the poll found that a majority dislike the spread of American ideas and customs.
She saw them stop one elderly man after he left the polls and order him to "assume the position.
Why have we seen such a poll explosion, and how is it affecting journalism?
com poll in New Hampshire is the first web poll hosted simultaneously on a network of daily and weekly newspapers, radio stations and community group web sites across the state.
According to the poll, people with gay friends or relatives are no more likely to support gay rights laws as people who have no gay acquaintances at all.