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political football

A problem or situation that causes an argument between different political parties, often in an attempt to gain an advantage. It didn't take too long before the issue of property taxes turned into a political football for the candidates.
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political football

Fig. an issue that becomes politically divisive; a problem that doesn't get solved because the politics of the issue get in the way. The question of campaign contributions has become a political football. All the politicians who accept questionable money are pointing fingers at each other.
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a political football

a problem that politicians from different parties argue about and try to use in order to get an advantage for themselves We don't want the immigration issue to become a political football.
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To test whether these alleged virtues hold, it is necessary to examine the process of semantic change, the reason that terms become offensive or inoffensive, and the effects of politically correct language on discourse.
The politically incorrect control most of our national newspapers, a lot of them are our bosses and they generally have a lot more money than us.
An Electoral Commission spokesman said it was up to Mr Logan to check with his human resources department if his post was politically restricted.
The politically radicalized convey a sense of being "dominated" or even "occupied" by the West.
In the face of these and other global challenges in Milwaukee, Ortiz says that white progressives should not wall themselves off politically from people whose very existence reflects the many dimensions of globalization.
When it became too expensive so ordinary Romans became politically angry, wealthy economic and political Roman special interests made sure the price dipped, at least temporarily.
The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History has been received with overwhelming favor by libertarians, as my many speaking engagements attest, and my front cover boasts a wonderful blurb by Rep.
Southern Baptist leaders held progressive views, and defended them in print, but the great dilemma for the leadership was how they could bring racial progress and healing to the region without appearing politically, socially, and theologically liberal.
We may disagree politically, but what binds us is a firm belief in Jesus Christ and his teachings as the foundation for our lives.
Have your thoughts changed regarding the efficacy of politically engaged art?
Therefore, of the very few Humanists who consider themselves politically conservative, most misuse the term, some hold irreconcilably conflicted views, and a very small number simply don't accept key Humanist ideas.
In both Russia and Israel political leadership has thus acted decisively in combating terrorism in bold, if brutal, moves that proved politically popular, if costly, in state resource and human lives.
European officials drew up their list in 2002, and they took care to distribute the punishment so as to provoke the greatest number of howls from politically influential industries in politically sensitive states.
Early in the book, the authors justify their use of the currently politically incorrect term 'Eskimo', emphasizing that 'Inuit' (the politically acceptable term) describes only a sub-group of Canadian Eskimos, and is irrelevant for most Siberian, Alaskan and Greenland Eskimos.
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