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apple polisher

A flatterer. (Apples are a typical gift for teachers.) That kid is always quick to help the teacher with any little thing—what an apple polisher!
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Fig. a flatterer. Doesn't that wimpy apple-polisher know how stupid he looks? Everybody at my office seems to be an apple-polisher but me.

polish the apple

Try to win favor through flattery, as in It may help your standing with the boss if you polish the apple. This expression gave rise to the phrase apple polishing. The idiom alludes to the practice of schoolchildren bringing their teacher the gift of a bright, shiny apple. [c. 1920]
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n. a flatterer. Everybody at the office seems to be an apple-polisher but me.
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If it doesn't catch your fingernail, you can usually remove it with polishing compound and your polisher.
The LC-Pak polisher was extensively validated to ensure that water quality at the polisher outlet matches the demanding solvent quality requirements for LC-MS applications.
French polishers use traditional hand skills to prepare and treatwood to give it a smooth finish.
She is one of only a handful of butler-finish hand polishers left in the country.
In this paper, we describe the case of a diamond polisher who developed occupational asthma that was complicated by paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, a combination of diseases that placed the patient at a potential risk of embolic stroke (10,11).
The literature overwhelmingly supports the use of the air polisher as an efficient and effective means of removing extrinsic stain and plaque from tooth surfaces (Table I).
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Designed with the latest technological advances in mind, the TPS-Pro Polisher features an electric direct drive inside every shaft, self contained stainless steel motors within their own oil baths, and waterproof sealed bearings.
The hours for a self-employed furniture polisher will depend on the amount of work they have but long hours and weekends may be necessary to meet deadlines What could I earn?
The AN-water polisher is for analytical applications such as ultra-trace environmental analysis.
Widower Mr Humph-reys, a french polisher for more than 70 years, leaves four children.
The former supervisor started out as a polisher on a fortnight's contract but was kept on, and when he reached 65 his boss asked him to stay with the firm.