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apple polisher

A flatterer. (Apples are a typical gift for teachers.) That kid is always quick to help the teacher with any little thing—what an apple polisher!
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Fig. a flatterer. Doesn't that wimpy apple-polisher know how stupid he looks? Everybody at my office seems to be an apple-polisher but me.

polish the apple

Try to win favor through flattery, as in It may help your standing with the boss if you polish the apple. This expression gave rise to the phrase apple polishing. The idiom alludes to the practice of schoolchildren bringing their teacher the gift of a bright, shiny apple. [c. 1920]
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n. a flatterer. Everybody at the office seems to be an apple-polisher but me.
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French polishers can carry out simple repairs, although a cabinet maker or restorer would deal with more complex work.
The polisher is fitted with a worldwide-patented drive system with gold-plated contact points for optimum longevity and efficiency.
Although earnings for a self-employed furniture polisher may vary, it is possible to earn much more than as an employee.
When Jack started life as a polisher he started out by polishing Kelly Lamps.
This unique polisher is an exfoliating peel using an exclusive formula containing multi-fruit acids including apple, lemon, sugarcane, and orange, along with botanical extracts such as peony, and Japanese tobiko inspired, caviar-like beads to gently cleanse and polish, buffing away dead skin cells.
May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Metabo Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, now offers a 4" wet polisher that provides the most power and highest speed range of any wet polisher on the market.
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Norman worked as a French polisher at the Awson Motor Carriage Company, Awson Street, Foleshill, and later at Jaguar Cars from where he retired.
BULLETIN BOARD: TCAR) announces it has purchased Rapid Shine Shoe Polisher in an asset buy.
Jacob, 33,an unemployed furniture polisher from Manor Park,east London,has denied murdering Scott and causing him grievous bodily harm during period from the day he was born until he died.
Mineral Rich Mud Polisher by Dead Sea Crystal Line: A combination of energising minerals, available from Boots, pounds 9.
And in just 90 seconds this quick-fix Mineral Rich Mud Polisher will deep cleanse your skin and give your face a natural dewy glow.
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Both CPS polisher packages, as well as individual polishers, vacuums, velcro plates and diamond segments with grits ranging from 50 to 3,000, are available upon request by calling Jerry George at 1-877-472-8200 or jerry.