polish off

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polish (something) off

To consume, dispose of, or finish all of something very quickly or easily. I was still hungry after dinner, so I polished off the leftover Chinese food in the fridge. I'll come to the party a little later; I just need to polish off this essay first.
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polish something off

to eat, consume, exhaust, or complete all of something. Who polished the cake off? Who polished off the cake?
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polish off

Finish or dispose of, especially quickly and easily. For example, We polished off the pie in no time, or If everyone helps, we can polish off this job today. This usage, dating from the early 1800s, came from boxing, where it originally meant "to defeat an opponent quickly and easily." By the 1830s it was used more generally.
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polish off

1. To make something clean or shiny: The student polished off the apple and handed it to the teacher. I polished the vase off with a cloth and set it on the table.
2. To eliminate something, such as rust or a stain by rubbing: Please polish that spot off the doorknob. After much scrubbing, I finally polished off the stain.
3. Slang To finish or consume something enthusiastically: I polished off that last piece of cake. After we polish this pizza off, let's get dessert.
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Gallacher reckons he and the Everton star who once cleaned his boots as an apprentice at Dundee United could polish off our World Cup rivals.
Polish off three 1-pound beef steaks and three plates of rice in 30 minutes and the restaurant will pay you about $98, plus the 8,700 yen (about $85) you paid for the meal.
Instead of scoffing as many meat pies in three minutes as possible, contestants will race to polish off just one - and there's a low-fat veggie option.
Woronov comments another place that "the rap of a speed freak has been known to dissolve even the polish off silverware.
And just because you've eaten it, it doesn't mean you may as well polish off the rest.
That'll teach those skinny girls not to polish off their dinner.
Falcons boss Rob Andrew blamed tiredness following Sunday's 17-15 win over Wasps for the failure to polish off Leeds.
Starting at 8am, the Ryder Cup star needed only three holes to polish off Todd Hamilton 4&3 in his rain-delayed first-round match.
Put them to beat Luton along with CHARLTON (11-4) to win at Middlesbrough, BRISTOL CITY (5-4) to polish off Huddersfield and RUSHDEN (5-4) to make mincemeat of Boston United.
Defender Butler is calling for Carrow Road carnage, insisting: "Our intention is to polish off this semi-final in the opening 90 minutes.
I can't take the nail polish off because it reminds me of that moment when I was touching this animal.
The Tribesmen had Gregory Kennedy sent off after 29 minutes but they raised their game to polish off the odds-on favourites at Croke Park.
I DON'T blame Princes William and Harry for encouraging their pals to polish off the contents of a drinks trolley laden with beer, wine and spirits at Windsor Castle.
CHRIS EUBANK finally admitted last night he has been too haunted by the injuries he inflicted on Michael Watson to polish off stricken opponents.
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