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polarize something into something

to divide a group into two segments. Your actions have just polarized the students into two opposing groups! We polarized the entire population into two factions.
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Catholic Common Ground originated in the concern that the tendency to unnecessarily polarize differences among Catholic leaders and members hinders the efforts to strengthen the faith community and to carry out the mission of the church.
But in terms of how language polarizes and your example of the dean's comment, I want to answer that in a second way.
By mixing these two types, the fish's skin doesn't polarize the reflected light and maintains its high reflectivity.
First, circularly polarized laser light polarizes rubidium atoms in the D1 resonance at a wavelength of 795 nm.
They can also polarize large diameter beams and are effective over a broader wavelength spectrum than can be accommodated by supermirrors.
When waves are scattered along multiple pathways, fields do polarize along the direction of travel.
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