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Pol Pot became leader of Cambodia in 1975 when the Khmer Rouge captured the capital, Phnom Penh.
He further urged that the government that it should take legal action against those transporters who do not decrease the transport fares after significant decline in POL prices.
POL over single-mode fiber represents a major bandwidth upgrade for enterprise networks currently operating with 1or 10 Gb to the desktop.
Farooq Khan, owner of another fuel station at Multan Road said the lower and middle class were the main beneficiary of the cut more than 10 rupees in the POL prices, adding that some of the motorists were preferring to purchase petrol instead of CNG.
Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk, whom the Khmer Rouge deposed, recently described Pol Pot as "one of the most horrible monsters ever created by humanity".
Then, his appearance before the committee was another attempt to help Pol Pol stay within the limits of his mandate.
Andy Burrows, regional spokesman for Consumer Focus, said: "Before POLs are rolled-out nationwide, it is vital that the Post Office delivers a model that meets its customer's needs, both now and in the future.
He demanded that the government should extend relief of the falling prices of POL to the end consumers instead of multiplying the profits by virtue of price reduction in the international market and the benefit of price increase it done last month.
Pol Pot, in his grave in Anlong Veng, receives the respectful visits of many Khmer people who offer him a fervent tribute, with candles, joss sticks, etc.
She added: "I would urge POL to reconsider the decision to franchise this office, and to retain Thornaby town centre's post office in the public sector.
Like the American artist Matthew Antezzo, who used paint to immortalize journalistic images from art magazines of the '60s and '70s, Bik Van der Pol not only collect but also transform their art-historical finds with a painstaking method.
EVEN among the bloody hierarchy of genocidal despots, Pol Pot and his deputy Nuon Chea stand out as madmen who killed their own people and even their supporters.
THE POL is also renowned for constructing groundreaking hi-tech testing equipment to withstand some of the most gruelling conditions that the world's oceans can produce.
The culprit, the scientists discovered, is sigma-38, a stress protein that appears to activate expression of the Pol IV gene.
If Pol Pot came on the show and was charming and witty and good humored and had a good inscription, I'd say, 'Well, Pol Pot, charming guy,' " he said, according to The New York Times.