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One day one of the kids who poked me came right up to me like he knew me.
For six years, he was also the face of South Africa's highest-selling brand of tea in television commercials - but he had to return to the UK in the 60s because the then South African government took exception to his satirical brand of song which often poked fun at apartheid.
Knapp reported that when Quintana came on the scene Tuesday evening she pushed one woman out of the way, then grabbed and poked Tracey Chandler, the Whittier mother of four who has maintained the memorial following the Sept.
An 11-year-old Australian girl was rescued from the jaws of a crocodile by a man who leapt on the reptile's back and poked it in the eye.
Craig Williams, 23, lost the sight of his right eye when Fay Gutteridge poked him in it with her finger.
Ouch department: North Hollywood's Josiah James, who is drawing interest from a number of Division II schools, is on the mend after getting poked in the eye during a recent game against Murphy.
Only a forceful thrust--which severed the stone's tip as it penetrated the animal's flesh and broke off its base once the point poked through the bone--could have wedged the weapon into that position, the team holds.
Mr Foster added: ''He grabbed her by the scruff of the neck, hit her on the head and poked her in the face with his fingers.
She poked him in the chest before trying to chase him as he retreated into the media scrum in Northampton.
The victim, Steven Bloch, 42, told police an unknown man approached him from the rear, poked him in the back with an object and demanded the money bag Bloch was holding outside the store at 1840 Cochran St.
THE crew on Hugh Grant's new movie poked public fun at reports the actor had blazing on-set rows with co-star Sandra Bullock.
A couple of them got ornery and poked holes in the containers.
For 46 years, Walker has poked fun at life and the Army at Camp Swampy, where Pvt.
Add Davis: A heckling fan who was poked and slapped by Davis at County Stadium last summer has filed a lawsuit against him.
The pup poked his head into the sink's 6-inch drain, and got stuck.