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Here's a rough list of what players can exchange the Poke Miles for in Lumiose City:
Jean-Yves Naouri, Publicis Worldwide Executive Chairman and Publicis Groupe COO, said: POKE is a company that we have admired for some time.
Utilizing a unique client/firm hybrid team model, POKE New York has worked with a variety of major players such as The Weather Channel, American Express, 19 Entertainment, Hachette and Pearson's Penguin Books, as well as its more entrepreneurial venture partners to design, develop and launch new products, businesses and brands.
Poke a Prez takes a simple game of "Whack a Mole" and lets the participant "Poke to Vote" for the candidate of their choice.
The radio ad, known as "Mr Discount Airline Pilot Guy" reportedly pokes fun at discount carriers and includes taunts aimed at pilots.
The Columbus/Hughes films may poke fun at the sentiments of earlier Christmas films, but in the end they succumb to the same maudlin praise of house and home.
McGeady picked the ball up in the centre and was allowed to pull the ball across the face of the goal for Hartson to poke the ball home.
It also alleges that Poke recruited others to provide their name and identification so that Sharon Walker could apply for student aid in those identities.
The oldest meaning of poke (if the OED is to be believed) is a bag or sack.
Characters poke fun at him because of his limited command of Spanish, even as Estrada's character tries to explain that his inability to speak fluent Spanish is the result of a childhood spent in the United States.
Three of the nine second- and third-graders from Howard Elementary School inside a limousine poke their heads out a window as they stop during a ride around town for being the top cookie-dough sellers in their class.
Since you're still growing, there's a chance your nipple will poke out one day.
Just poke it out with the pointer finger for non-pianists, or use a traditional scale fingering.
I thinks it's an artist's job to poke fun at social issues.