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For additional information on poison prevention, visit the National Poison Prevention Week's website at www.
Earlier in the day Modi had said that it was ironic for the Congress to say that power was poison, as they stayed in power for the longest time in the country after Independence and for accusing the BJP for 'sowing seeds of poison'.
The results showed that the annual incidence of unintentional poison ingestions in the UAE is 2.
Mr Harper said: "Our report shows there are a number of poisons commonly used to illegally poison wildlife for which those people responsible can have no legitimate use.
Poison sumac, like poison ivy, is native to this area.
Dr Poison is also thought to be responsible for the death of a raven found dead near the same spot in Co Leitrim.
The disappointment in Poison Arrows is the frequent listing of references to various poison concoctions created for use with weapons.
By the 1970s, chemists had developed new sorts of rat poison that overcame the resistance.
2] around, poison ivy plants were able to make more food and use water with greater efficiency.
An outdoor experiment mimicking the carbon dioxide rise predicted for this century found that poison ivy vines grew more than twice as much per year as they did in unaltered air, says Jacqueline E.
Sure, you may not care if you are in a crisis situation, but just remember this: Poison is ingested; venom is injected.
The Cortaid Poison Ivy Treatment Spray is designed to relieve the pain and itching as well as help heal any rash.
For families that dread the poison seasons, spring comes all too soon.
There is some debate as to whether poison ivy and poison oak are really two kinds of plants or just two names for the same plant.