poised for

poised for (something)

Braced, prepared, or ready for something that is about to happen. We were all poised for the huge workload the project would bring. The two combatants stood facing each other in the ring, poised for the fight to begin.
See also: poised

poised for something

ready for something; in the right position and waiting for something. The cat stared at the mouse, poised for action. The army was poised for battle.
See also: poised
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3 : to be or become ready for something The company was poised for success.
With New York City experiencing one of the strongest commercial real estate markets ever, and rents becoming largely inelastic in the prevailing economy, we believe Westchester, a sub-market intimately linked to NYC, will remain poised for strong growth in 2007.
Given the alien quality of Rio's landscape, it seems appropriate that the form of the museum should most obviously suggest a flying saucer, seemingly poised for take-off on the edge of the water.
Through a combination of hands-on management, the implementation of aggressive tenant retention programs, renovations, and capital improvements, the property now offers a very stable cash flow and is poised for even further appreciation going forward.
It is now poised for a floor vote by the full Senate.
Florida's apartment market seems poised for a comeback in 2004, according to owners and developers gathered at a recent CB Richard Ellis Florida Multihousing Conference in Orlando.
Poised for the upswing in the economy, Westchester County provides an urban/suburban alternative to users just 25 miles north of New York City.
Two areas of Manhattan, one virtually written off in the past decade and the other struggling with high vacancy rates and technologically deficient buildings, are poised for major renaissances.