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poised for something

ready for something; in the right position and waiting for something. The cat stared at the mouse, poised for action. The army was poised for battle.
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poised to do something

ready to do something; in the right position to do something. The cat is poised to jump on the mouse. The army is poised to attack at dawn.
See also: poised
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With $73 million already in its domestic till and virtually no box-office dropoff last weekend, the Elizabethan romantic comedy is poised to goose its earnings, perhaps even achieving a $100 million domestic gross.
We are poised for more growth in 2007, but it is growth well-earned through customer service and system excellence.
Recent aggressive public/private initiatives have made the neighborhood more desirable than ever, and it is poised now to reap the benefits of a major reduction in crime and homelessness.
We were poised to take military action, and we remain poised to take military action,'' said Berger.
These additions, along with its ongoing commitment to providing the highest service levels in the industry, have LFC poised for tremendous growth in 2007.
in Rye Brook are also poised to satisfy the needs of users.
On ``52nd Street'' (Pablo), the Pittsburgh-born Affif mixes George Benson's poised clarity and Pat Martino's enlightened, harmonic derring-do.
2%, respectively, and the company stands poised to double its revenues in 2006.
NEW YORK -- (Investrend Research Syndicate) Alternative Energy Sector spotlight company Hydrogen Power International (OTCBB: HYDP), and ISE-CCM Alternative Energy Index components Altair Nanotechnologies (NASDAQ: ALTI), Central Vermont Public Service Corp (NYSE: CV) and Hydrogenics Corp (NASDAQ: HYGS) are among public companies poised to grow as US consumes 25 percent of the world's oil with just 2 percent of its proven reserves, making the US economy increasingly vulnerable to supply disruptions and price spikes, according to Investrend Research analyst Piyali Chakravarty In Q3 Alternative Energy Sector Report.
New Jersey's poised location between Washington, D.
According to a recent report by Infonetics Research, the European Mid-Band Ethernet services market is poised to grow to almost $2.
The downtown office market is also poised for significant activity with Mayor Gialiani's new economic revitalization plan for downtown including the proposed conversion of existing office product to residential-condominium space and meaningful incentives for owners and tenants.
The company is well poised to capitalize on our unparalleled market position and we welcome Michael's leadership at this pivotal time.
com/reports/c29027) has announced the addition of Wireless Email and Messaging for Business: Poised but Waiting to their offering.