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pock something with something

to cause dents or small craters by shooting or throwing something at something. The hail pocked the roof of the car with dents. The side of the house was pocked with tiny dents where the hail had struck.
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Even after seeing the 82-year-old patient's pain evaporate so quickly with acupuncture treatment, Pock can understand why many physicians still have doubts.
Pock picked up the puck and made a wrist shot from the left circle that got by Joey MacDonald on the stick side, spoiling the rookie's bid for his first career shutout.
Some of these pock mark surfaces were deep enough to require welding above the casting contour.
32 Sainsbury's Bexhill store does not stock prepacked baking potatoes in a four pock.
Pacific: Crescenta Valley; Individual - Shelby Pock, Crescenta Valley
He had dark, coarse wavy hair with grey flecks, clean shaven with pock marks on his face.
Final Score: Middlesbrough 31 - Acklam 19 Man of the Match: Will Guthrie Pocklington U-14 v Middlesbrough U-14 POCK started well and camped in Boro's 22 with a series of well-executed attacks.
Mini Pringles are available in Original, Sour Cream & Onion and Salt & Vinegar in a range of pock sizes, including single variant pack at an rsp of 29p, single variant and mixed variant 5 packs (rsp: 1.
Back then he picked at his face constantly, leaving deep acne-like pock marks.
Two teams of scientists, working independently, have found that normal brain cells can make beta amyloid, a primary constituent of the plaques that pock the brains of Alzheimer's patients.
The attacker was about 19 years old, 6ft tall, of medium build, with black, crew-cut hair and pock marks on his cheeks.
More than 6,000 pits from which miners extracted ore now pock the plateau.
Fortunately, the barracks were made of reinforced concrete, which protected the troops inside, but you can still see the pock marks where the rounds gouged the concrete.
bodies in distressed desire Pocks & knots & fixed muscles With