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The Po'Boy Pipebursting System from Mole Manufacturing, Inc.
Guests can enjoy crawfish as a meal, combo, or even a Po'Boy.
Best washed down with Nola lager (Dixie Voodoo), the unique menu features Faitdodo (Creole red beans and rice, andouille sausage, poached egg, hollandaise), 11 Po'Boy (alligator sausage, soft-shell crab) to remoulade pulled pork banh mi, Roux skillet cornbread, shrimp and oyster plate, crawfish Etoufee, fried chicken salad, duck and doughnuts, brown shrimp seafood gumbo, jambalaya and soulful Cajun fries.
I could go in depth about the menu, but all that needs to be said is they have a shrimp po'boy to die for--you can fill in the rest of the picture.
A few of the items we are currently looking at include a vegetarian breakfast sandwich or the recipes, a valued-added (oven bake-able) breaded shrimp for a Buffalo shrimp po'boy, and a brown rice bowl concept.
Their constructions are legendary, from the meatball and cheese sub to the famous oyster po'boy of New Orleans - a sweet bun loaded with coleslaw and breaded, deep-fried oysters.
The menu features nine po'boy sandwiches, but the muffuletta, served hot here, might be the best in the city.
Shrimp Po'Boy, dressed, and a Barq's, at Uglesich's.
Of note, the locally-relevant Po'Boy sandwich was used to obtain average prices for New Orleans.
And whether or not you are a vegetarian, you will wolf down the vegan po'boy -- fried avocado and kale dressed in a spicy chipotle remoulade on French bread.
His recipe features roast chicken, bacon and bread sauce but he also talks tantalisingly of Philly cheese steaks, New York pastrami and even oyster po'boy.
The Po'Boy sandwich - ham, roast beef, cabbage and gravy - was superb at around pounds 5.
Another co-worker picked up a catfish po'boy with fries ($6.
VEGETARIAN MENU: An imaginative range, including Portobella Mushroom Po'Boy at pounds 6.