when sneezes, catches a cold

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when somebody/something sneezes, somebody/something catches a cold

  (mainly British) also if somebody/something catches a cold, somebody/something gets pneumonia (mainly British)
when one person or organization has a problem, this problem has a much worse effect on another person or organization When New York sneezes, I'm afraid London catches a cold - that is just the way the stock markets operate now. If the country's economy catches a cold, local businesses get pneumonia.
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He arrived on the evening of the 21 st, and confirmed my opinion that pneumonia had set in, and that our patient's life was in danger.
Charlie exploded into a stifled laugh at the new pronunciation of pneumonia, to Phebe's great indignation.
He gets a dry, hacking cough as the dead tissue sloughs away, and dies the following summer of pneumonia, wondering what it's all about.
In the great storm of 1927, while attending a meeting of our leaders, he contracted the pneumonia of which he died.
If you catch pneumonia sleeping in a strange bed or coming out of that hot hall in the middle of the night, don't blame me, blame Matthew.
Bubonic plague and small-pox were raging, while dysentery and pneumonia were reducing the population, and the railroad was raging worst of all.
They died like flies, what of Yellow Jack, pneumonia, the Spiggoties, and the railroad.
In the spring Rose took pneumonia and died--a year too late
She had scarcely promised her niece "to really take my tiresome chest in hand," when she caught a chill and developed acute pneumonia.
Viruses are a common cause of pneumonia in young children - most commonly the respiratory syncytial virus and sometimes type A or B influenza.
it remains the country with the highest burden of pneumonia and diarrhoea deaths among children under five, said the 2015 Pneumonia and Diarrhoea report.
World Pneumonia Day, a new pneumonia prevention communications campaign called, Every Second Counts, will be launched at the Pneumonia Innovations Summit in New York City.
Saleem Paryani, General Secretary PPA - Sindh in a joint press conference said no less than 92000 children dying of pneumonia annually in Pakistan and demanded urgent measures to address the situation.
There are many different bacteria, viruses and, more rarely, fungi that can cause pneumonia," says Vicky.
26 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that children younger than 5 accounted for 70 percent of pneumonia hospitalizations among children.