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on the plus side

Considering the positive, beneficial, advantageous, etc., aspects of a situation, especially one that is or would be otherwise negative, detrimental, or disadvantageous. My wife went into labor while we were still away in Europe. The whole ordeal was really stressful, but on the plus side, our son now has EU citizenship!
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plus ça change (plus c'est la même chose)

From French, meaning "the more things change, the more they remain the same." In English, the phrase is used in reference to situations or problems that remain the same, even when people or things involved in them are different. We move into a fancy new office, and still, the server crashes all the time. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Plus ça change, eh? Even with Mr 'Give Back to the Working Class' in office, it's still the wealthy elite getting all the tax breaks.
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more or less; roughly. South African
1992 Weekend Post He expected ‘plus-minus’ 1000 files would eventually be forwarded for ‘possible prosecution’.

plus or ˈminus

used when the number mentioned may actually be more or less by a particular amount: The margin of error was plus or minus three percentage points.
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plus ça ˈchange (, plus c’est la même ˈchose)

/%plu: s& "SQ~nZ; American English "SO:~Z/ (from French, saying) some things never really change, even though details such as time and people involved may be different: Despite assurances that this year’s competition would welcome new talent and new ideas, none of the newcomers have reached the final round. Plus ça change...
The meaning of the full expression in French is ‘the more it changes, the more it stays the same’.
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have your ˈgood, ˈplus, etc. points

have some good qualities or aspects: Europe has its good points, but I prefer the American way of life.She often seems rather unfriendly, but I suppose she’s got her plus points.
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ne plus ultra

The highest point of excellence, acme. Loosely translated from the Latin for “there is no reason to go further,” the phrase is a synonym of “zenith.” A new car with all the most modern features that any buyer could wish for (or so the manufacturer claims) might be touted as the ne plus ultra of automobiles. Legend has it that “ne plus ultra”—in its literal sense—was inscribed on Gibraltar's Pillars of Hercules as a warning to mariners not to venture, depending on the direction in which they were sailing, into the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea.
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Pour ce faire, a-t-il dit, le Groupe du progrs d[beaucoup plus grand que]mocratique estime n[beaucoup plus grand que]cessaire d'am[beaucoup plus grand que]liorer la r[beaucoup plus grand que]partition des revenus dans le but de mettre fin aux disparit[beaucoup plus grand que]s salariales.
Refinancing for $650,000 for a three (3) story, plus basement, mixed-use, non-elevatored building containing two (2) Class A apartment units and one (1) commercial unit located in Brooklyn, NY.
Another innovation introduced with the new ClearPath Plus servers is the workload pricing concept.
And, despite the automakers' reluctance to develop zero-emission cars, there's definitely an interest among Southern California drivers: In the seven days I drove an EV Plus, I averaged two or three rounds of questions a day from curious strangers, plus countless double-takes on the Ventura Freeway.
A travers la plate-forme antenne de Medi1TV et un site web fournie par la chaA[R]ne de Tanger, un appel aux dons sera donn[beaucoup plus grand que].
Les terroristes ont vis[beaucoup plus grand que] la stabilit[beaucoup plus grand que] du pays, sa s[beaucoup plus grand que]curit[beaucoup plus grand que] et la vie de nombre de citoyens, leurs biens et leur qui[beaucoup plus grand que]tude, a-t-il dit, pr[beaucoup plus grand que]cisant que le Groupe du progrs d[beaucoup plus grand que]mocratique appr[beaucoup plus grand que]cie A sa juste valeur l'ampleur de la bataille men[beaucoup plus grand que]e contre ce fl[beaucoup plus grand que]au.
The new PayPal Plus Credit Card is a natural extension of the partnership between three great worldwide companies offering rewards, security and convenience," said Margaret Keane, president and CEO of GE Consumer Finance's Retail Consumer Finance unit.
The MiniAlarm Plus and WaterAlarm Plus both continue to call until the user acknowledges the alarm and calls back to the monitored location to cancel the alarm call-out.
Plus Three, LP has radically improved the way progressive organizations build constituent groups and online communities, and fundraise by giving them immediate access to contributors on a large scale.
It will track all local printing on the workstation standalone printers within the Print Manager Plus database to ensure total network coverage and accounting.
The lead investor in the Time Plus deal is Chicago Growth Partners LLP ("CGP"), a Chicago-based private equity firm that focuses on lower middle market growth companies, and the secondary investor is the Private Equity Group of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, along with the Time Plus Management team.
The Private Equity Group of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and the Time Plus management team are also investors in the deal.
With a supermarket stock boy in tow, Marcia Cross and Nicollette Sheridan, stars of Desperate Housewives, were on hand to offer a sneak peek at the new 7UP PLUS commercial.