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plunge down something

to run or fall down something. The car plunged down the hill and ran into a tree at the bottom. The bicyclist plunged down the side of the hill at a great speed.
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plunge from something

to fall or flee from something or some place. The eagle plunged from the sky to the lake to capture its prey. Lily plunged from the room in embarrassment.
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plunge in(to something)

to dive or rush into something; to immerse oneself in something. Ned took off his shoes and plunged into the river, hoping to rescue Frank. He plunged into his work and lost track of time.
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plunge something into someone or something

 and plunge something in
to drive or stab something into someone or something. The murderer plunged the knife into his victim. She plunged in the dagger.
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plunge to something

1. to fall or drop down to something. The temperature plunged to zero last night. The burning car plunged to the floor of the canyon.
2. to dive or fall to one's death. She walked straight to the edge of the cliff and plunged to her death. The burro slipped and plunged to an untimely end.
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take the plunge

to marry someone. I'm not ready to take the plunge yet. Sam and Mary took the plunge.
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take the plunge

to decide to do something Those women who took the plunge and ran for the state legislature enjoyed great success.
Usage notes: usually said about doing something that involves some risk
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take the plunge

to do something important or difficult that you have been thinking about doing for a long time I've decided to take the plunge and start up my own business.
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take the plunge

Venture something, commit oneself, as in You've been living together for a year, so when are you going to take the plunge and get married? It is also put as make the plunge, plunge alluding to diving in a body of water. [Mid-1800s]
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plunge in

1. To submerge something quickly into something else: The cook plunged the hot eggs in the cold water to stop them from cooking.
2. To jump or throw oneself into something: I walked up to the swimming pool and plunged in.
3. To fall into something: The child slipped and plunged in the well.
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plunge into

1. To fall or dive into some place or thing: I jumped off the diving board and plunged into the warm water.
2. To thrust or throw something forcefully into some place or thing: I plunged the shovel into the soil.
3. To enter earnestly or wholeheartedly into some activity or situation: After the vacation, I plunged into my studies with renewed energy.
4. To send someone or something into some condition or situation: My gambling losses plunged me into debt.
5. To fall into some state or condition: After my divorce, I plunged into a deep depression.
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take the plunge

tv. to marry someone. I’m not ready to take the plunge yet.
See also: plunge, take

take the plunge

To begin an unfamiliar venture, especially after hesitating: After a three-year engagement, they're finally taking the plunge.
See also: plunge, take
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Our Polar Bear Plunge events are a lot of fun and are a great way to support Special Olympics athletes.
The Polar Plunge is one of the "coolest" fundraisers where participants raise money and plunge into the chilly waters of Lake Lanier.
Polar Plunge had been scheduled to kick off from the town beach at 10 a.
Fifty brave Super Plunge volunteers will also be freezing for a reason as they to take the plunge into the vat of ice water every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours to raise funds for local Special Olympics athletes.
Grand meeting of the council of the municipality of Plunge district to commemorate the Millenium of Lithuania (Samogitian art museum, Parko 1)
NEW YORK - New York stocks continued to plunge Wednesday with the Dow Jones index falling more than 200 points due to a record-breaking surge in crude oil prices and a bleak economic assessment by the U.
Red and pink shoeprint plunge bra, pounds 20, and matching brief with ruffle edge, pounds 10, Odille @Oasis; Animal and floral-print plunge bra,pounds 22, and matching short with cream lace, pounds 10, Lepel Intimas@ Curves & Lace; Burgundy lace padded plunge bra, pounds 34,and matching briefs,pounds 23, Calvin Klein.
Both the rapid plunge in prices and the OPEC decision to cut production prove conclusively that the previous high oil prices were not due to a shortage of oil.
There's nothing quite like surviving a head-first plunge over Niagara Falls to restore your sense of well-being.
The economic dangers in all emerging markets have been highlighted by the plunge in the peso and the Bolsa.
Plunge necklines and slinky dresses evoke 70s glamour - think Amy Adams' eye-catching wardrobe on American Hustle, which was heavy on Diane von Furstenburg and Halston.
Summary: Karachi: Pakistan's stocks rallied from the biggest plunge in the benchmark index in 17 months .
This year, Grady has formed a team to take the Polar Plunge - "Freezin' for a Reason.