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plump for (someone or something)

To actively support someone or something. Don't say a bad word about that candidate to Mary—she's been plumping for him all year.
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plump for someone or something

to support or promote someone or something. Henry spent a lot of energy plumping for Bill, who was running for vice president. She spent a lot of time plumping for our candidate.
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plump something down

1. to drop a heavy load of something. She plumped the load of groceries onto the bench and looked through her purse for the keys. Jill plumped down her packages.
2. to drop something as if it were a heavy load. He plumped the potatoes down on each plate, making a loud noise each time. Dave plumped down a huge slab of meat onto the grill.
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plump something up

to pat or shake something like a pillow into a fuller shape. Todd plumped his pillow up and finished making the bed. He plumped up his pillow.
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plump up

1. To become more plump or chubby: I went off my diet and immediately plumped up.
2. To make something rounded or full in form: We plumped up the dried cherries by soaking them in water. The nurse brought me a pillow and plumped it up before putting it behind my head.
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References in classic literature ?
At last the plump sister, falling into a similar state, cried out:
No horrid slum houses to depress one, no trams or motor-cars; and the people all looking so plump and cheerful.
I was just thinking of her," he confesses pleasantly; "Miss Plym is so nice and plump, so comforting and domestic--such a perfect clergyman's daughter.
Presently, out from the wrappings came a teapot, which caused her to clasp her hands with delight, for it was made in the likeness of a plump little Chinaman.
The little man seemed rather baffled by these several repulses, and a short consultation took place between him and the two plump gentlemen.
The fact of the matter is,' said the benevolent gentleman, 'that my friend here (pointing to the other plump gentleman) will give you half a guinea, if you'll answer one or two--'
He turned to the other plump gentleman, and said, 'I forget your friend's name.
Although my lips are naturally big this new #candylipz plumps them up massively
99) plumps, defines and lengthens lashes and won't give you panda eyes in the pool.
Having met through friends in the early Nineties, the Plumps - Andy Gardner is the other half - bonded over a mutual love of dance music, "We were raving buddies" says Lee.
9% natural mix that plumps with cinnamon bark and peppercorn.
com Plumps your pout and gives it a touch of shimmer.
Pump 'Em Up, a new lip plumping gloss from Sugar Cosmetics, instantly plumps lips for a perfect pout for three to six hours after application, according to the company.
It plumps your lips and lip line almost immediately.
It's a miracle gel that gives a slight tingling sensation when first applied but it plumps and smooths lips in record time.