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plummet to earth

to fall rapidly to earth from a great height. The rocket plummeted to earth and exploded as it struck. As the plane plummeted to earth, all the people on the ground were screaming.
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plummet to something

to drop or fall to some level or low point. Stock prices plummeted to record low levels. The rock plummeted to the river at the base of the cliff.
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Following Putin's performance, the Russian currency traded between 60 and 62 rubles to the dollar, roughly the same level as late Wednesday, when it rallied 12 percent after plummeting to a historic low of 80 rubles per dollar.
In addition to the plummeting share values of cross-holdings among domestic companies due to the global financial crisis, MUFG has also been hit by the increasing cost of disposing of bad loans left by a growing number of failed firms.
Met Eireann warned it will be a bitterly cold start to 2009 with freezing fog, plummeting temperatures and frost expected.
After three consecutive days of hefty gains, the General Index finally broke down yesterday, plummeting 2.
With fuel prices going through the roof, gas/electricty bills going up, interest rates soaring, house prices plummeting.
I have, especially after a new story about some poor soul falling down an elevator shaft after the door had been left open or the elevator itself suddenly plummeting to the basement.
It aims first to be a paean to a mayor Siegel believes has not received enough credit; although Giuliani became a beloved national figure in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Siegel remembers and (rightly, in my opinion) resents the controversies and plummeting popularity that dimmed his second term.
But, given the governor's plummeting approval rating, few people seem to buy that argument.
IT'S no coincidence that the ratings on Chris Evans's breakfast show are plummeting (pity, I was just starting to like him).
A new Salomon Brothers research report has uncovered an unconventional investment market in office buildings simultaneously emerging in New York and London, as plummeting property values and interest rates create opportunities for investors who are "buying on yield.