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plummet to earth

to fall rapidly to earth from a great height. The rocket plummeted to earth and exploded as it struck. As the plane plummeted to earth, all the people on the ground were screaming.
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plummet to something

to drop or fall to some level or low point. Stock prices plummeted to record low levels. The rock plummeted to the river at the base of the cliff.
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We can exclusively reveal this is set to plummet to [euro]250, bringing a flood of New Year bankruptcy applications.
KaPau Plummet, profiled as one of the top 14 new water slides for 2014 by the Los Angeles Times, has two encapsulated slides as the starting points for loading riders into launch capsules.
Roscosmos predicts that only between 20 and 30 fragments of the Phobos probe with a total weight of up to 200 kilograms (440 pounds) will survive the re-entry and plummet to Earth.
He avoided the narrowed, confident eyes of Plummet, who had taken the first clarinetist's chair without consulting the seating plan posted on the bulletin board.
And what she really wrote on the bottle, she says, was the word APPROPRIATE, with an arrow drawn on the label indicating that Plummet was the "Jamaican jerk.
San Diego, which eschewed broken-windows theories, saw its violent crime rate plummet as rapidly as New York's in the same time period.
They contacted people at DebRA, a national EB support group, and were put in contact with a woman named Stacey Plummet, an EB sufferer who runs a local support group in North Carolina.
Top Thrill Dragster, the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, opens in May for Cedar Point's 2003 season Reaching 120 mph in four seconds flat isn't all this baby can do Hold on for dear life as you rocket straight up to the top twist and plummet down the vertical drop in a free fall and then spiral before crossing the finish line.
Reluctance in making new financial commitments caused leasing to plummet, budget-conscious companies returning surplus space to the market forced negative absorption and higher availability, and rental rates declined as owners competed with sublets to attract the few tenants.
For the fourth quarter of 2001--the first full quarter since the terrorist attacks--Hill predicts that earnings will continue to plummet, with a 22% decline.
For the weight concentration, a pipette sample is taken and oven-dried and for suspension density either a hydrometer or a plummet balance calibrated for a given particle density ([[Rho].
Plummet insists that he has no affiliation with TV preacher Pat Robertson.
This show presented a brilliant and varied array of works by 33 artists: Hawkin Bolden's striking, if repetitive, figures assembled from found objects; the sophisticated and mildly tragic figuration of Benny Andrews' oil paintings; the Pier Mondrian-like abstract quilts of Plummet Pettway; the post-Abstract Expressionist welded sculptures of Melvin Edwards; the conceptual hanging fabrics of Faith Ring-gold; the appealing neo-Abstract paintings of John L.
The NSSF infographic "Gun Crimes Plummet Even As Gun Sales Rise" is available at http://nssf.