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borrowed plumes

A showy display that is not truly one's own. Oh, I know you lied to me earlier, so quit adorning yourself with borrowed plumes and tell me what you really contributed to this event.
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plume (oneself) on (something)

To pride oneself on something in a vain, boastful, or showy manner. He plumes himself on his business acumen, constantly talking about how many big sales he's pulled in and how much money he earns. But so much as challenge one of their worldviews with facts, and the aloof nonchalance these teenagers plume themselves on will crumple like tissue paper.
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plume oneself

Congratulate oneself, boast, as in He plumed himself on his victory. This idiom transfers the bird's habit of dressing its feathers to human self-satisfaction. [First half of 1600s]
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borrowed plumes

a pretentious display not rightly your own.
This phrase refers to the fable of the jay which dressed itself in the peacock's feathers.
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Plume is the pioneer of Adaptive WiFi(TM), the world's first self-optimizing Wi-Fi delivering the most reliable and consistent Internet experience to every corner of the home.
The image also captured grains of water-ice in the plume which happened at a place on the comet with a 10 meter-high wall around a circular dip in the surface.
Moreover, in additional meetings with the Department of Defense, Schumer also urged Defense Secretary Mattis to ensure that the Navy will continue to provide the local community with the financial and technical assistance it needs to clean up the plume.
The paper detailing new Hubble Space Telescope findings, published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, reports on observations of Europa from 2016 in which a probable plume of material was seen erupting from the moon's surface at the same location where Hubble saw evidence of a plume in 2014.
Many macroscopic properties as well as internal geometry and rate of injection have already been characterized experimentally for Spray G, including evidence of plume interaction and collapse [3,6,7,10].
We will be extracting ground water from the Plume Core Toe that contains contaminates then treating the water out of the ground," said Tony Howes, UDEQ project manager.
Surgical plume is 95 per cent water or steam and five per cent particular material.
Surgical plume has been shown to cause an inflammatory response or specifically acute and chronic alveolar congestion, interstitial pneumonia and bronchiolitis in the lungs of rats (Barrett & Garber, 2004).
But for Coloradans who came or stayed for easy access to a high quality of life in the outdoors, Silver Plume remains an idyllic community to put down roots.
Even with the supporting data, she says healthcare facilities are still holding back from purchasing devices to help protect patients and staff from surgical plume.
This protocol was dictated by constraints on the ability to rapidly change solutions while preventing cross contamination of the plume introduction device.
Roth said that they do not know yet if these plumes are connected to subsurface liquid water or not.
However, little is known about the effect of coupling the task ventilation modules with the DV systems on the space temperature field and plume flow rates.
Cunningham (2006) reported symptoms associated with exposure to surgical plume such as coughing, headaches, chronic bronchitis, hepatitis and cancer, occurring with different severity.
The program established which hydrocarbons were present, where plumes had been recorded and which Gulf bacteria had a propensity for eating plume compounds.