plugging along

plug along

1. To continue making progress (in some endeavor) at steady, consistent pace, especially in the face of difficulties, challenges, setbacks, etc. We're still plugging along with the project, in spite of all the problems we've had with staff turnover. It's been tough dealing with all the negative publicity in the media, but I just want to plug along and show the world that I can still win this tournament.
2. To get by; to do satisfactorily. Typically used in the continuous tense as a response to "How are you?" or some similar greeting. A: "How you been, Tom?" B: "Oh, you know, just plugging along. Nothing too wild going on around here."
See also: plug

(I'm) (just) plugging along.

Inf. I am doing satisfactorily.; I am just managing to function. Bill: How are things going? Bob: I'm just plugging along. Sue: How are you doing, Fred? Fred: Just plugging along, thanks. And you? Sue: About the same.
See also: plug
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And consider that 'Big Little Lies' was supposed to be a one-and-done series but proved so successful that HBO executives " who, like their counterparts at just about every other network, are hungry for content " announced that the show would get a second season Even lesser-known shows are plugging along.
Barware is trending with sets selling well, stemware is plugging along with a single-digit increase over last year, and the lighting business is thriving.
It keeps plugging along, though, and I'll never regret buying it.
Repeased by RT's Arabic channel Wednesday, the video shows the Russian plane plugging along on a monitor, presumably from an operation room in Moscow.
We just keep plugging along and hope it turns around," Hanneman says.
There is a tendency to make the barrier section as long as possible to prevent plugging along its length by exceeding the melting rate--i.
The miles continue to take a toll on the huge vehicles, with the county fire department's aging fire engines plugging along to answer calls around Cherokee County.
Rowling's instinctive sense of storytelling and her ability to make the reader sympathize with Strike and Robin, two middle-class strivers plugging along in a status and increasingly money-conscious London.
Or should I keep plugging along and continue fighting against stigma on behalf of people with mental illness so that my kids will be able to say with pride: 'He was my Dad.
Brunelle said there have been lots of issues to be dealt with in preparing for the renovations, but he and the other investors are plugging along and hope the people in the local area who want to see some action at the site will get their wish very soon.
and some societies such as Dialog steadily plugging along since the earliest days.
On the whole, the exercises do seem to be geared toward the reader's own enlightenment, which could be just the motivation one needs to keep plugging along.
Kerry has been plugging along these past six months and he seems to have gotten somewhere.
For the size company it is, Apple is plugging along very nicely," said Forrester analyst Frank Gillett.