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That means the military will likely push for more fixed-price contracts in the future, Plucker said.
In one direction, these two theorems easily follow from the 3-term Plucker relation:
Although the factors affecting the productivity of the tea field and bush have been fully investigated and well documented and much has been done to increase productivity (Sivaram 2000), the health factors particularly the physical discomfort that could have an impact on performance of pluckers have largely remained unexplored.
DoD increasingly searches out COTS-based solutions using mature, proven technology to meet the needs of end users, thus reducing the need for avionics RDT&E," notes Plucker.
b) In case of disability due to accident, the plucker is paid an amount of Rs.
Some of the biggest cheers were for the surprise guest, chicken plucker Robert Unwin, one of the worst singers of the series.
He's also the Japan representative for an angel wings business called Mother Plucker Feather Co.
Plucker is an e-book (and offline Web) viewer for handheld devices that supports Windows, Macintosh, and Unix.
Current law requires peace officers to withdraw their retirement benefits and lose years accrued toward retirement if they resign before they are vested and do not return to public service within six months, Cober Plucker, an aide to the Lancaster Republican, said Thursday.
Hailey Ann Plucker, (16 months old in this picture) is a real trooper
But my favorite comes from Beverly Hills where the new rage is having your eyebrows plucked in a fancy pink salon by a professional eyebrow plucker.
On December 27, 1990, Circle De personnel were observed removing truckloads of chips from the Plucker timber sale.
In 1858 the German physicist Julius Plucker (1801-1868) forced an electric current through a Geissler tube.
Performance-based logistics contract management has become more mature in recent years, said Wayne Plucker, an aircraft and engine maintenance, repair and overhaul expert at the Frost & Sullivan consulting group.