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a lot of pluck

Courage, nerves, determination, or resolve, especially in the face of adversity or hardship. You've got a lot of pluck, kid, standing up to a big brute like that.
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a crow to pluck

An issue to discuss—typically one that is a source of annoyance for the speaker. Hey, I have a crow to pluck with you! Why didn't you put gas in my car after you borrowed it?
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Mother Carey is plucking her chickens

It is snowing. This phrase alludes to "Mother Carey's chickens," which is what sailors call birds they believe are indicative of poor weather. Bundle up, men—Mother Carey is plucking her chickens, so we're in for another rough day on the trail.
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pluck (Something) out of the/thin air

To say or produce something haphazardly or at random, rather than through careful consideration or calculation. Look, this legislation hasn't been plucked out of thin air. We've spent months crafting the bill to best serve all of our citizens. Her ability to ad lib is so remarkable that it's hard to believe she's plucking these jokes out of the air.
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get enough nerve up (to do something)

 and get enough courage up (to do something); get enough guts up (to do something); get enough pluck up (to do something); get enough spunk up (to do something); get the nerve up (to do something); get the courage up (to do something); get the guts up (to do something); get the pluck up (to do something); get the spunk up (to do something)
Fig. to work up enough courage to do something. I hope I can get enough nerve up to ask her for her autograph. I wanted to do it, but I couldn't get up enough nerve. I thought he would never get up the courage to ask me for a date.
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pluck at someone or something

to pull or pick at someone or something. Kelly plucked at Ed, picking off the burrs that had caught on his clothing. Kelly plucked at the strings of the guitar.
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pluck something from someone or something

to pick, grab, or snatch something from someone. Sally plucked a chocolate from the box and popped it into her mouth. He stooped over and plucked a rose from the bush.
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pluck something off (of) someone or something

 and pluck something off
to pick something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) She plucked the mosquito off his back before it could bite him. She plucked off the bud.
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pluck something out of something and pluck something out

to snatch something out of something. She plucked the coin out of his hand and put it in her pocket. Reaching into the fountain, Jane plucked out the coin.
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pluck up someone's courage

to bolster someone's, including one's own, courage. I hope you are able to pluck up your courage so that you can do what has to be done. Some good advice from a friend helped pluck up my courage.
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pluck up one's courage

Also, screw up one's courage. Force oneself to overcome fear or timidity, as in He was really afraid of slipping on the ice, but he plucked up his courage and ventured down the driveway , or I screwed up my courage and dove off the high board. The first term uses pluck in the sense of "make a forcible effort"; Shakespeare put it as "Pluck up thy spirits" ( The Taming of the Shrew, 4:3). The variant derives from the use of screw to mean "force or strain by means of a screw."
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pluck something from the air

If someone plucks a figure from the air, they say it without considering it carefully or using correct information. There seems little point in trying to keep statistics when figures are plucked from the air in order to support any given claim. Note: You can also say that someone plucks a figure out of the air or plucks a figure out of thin air. So few buildings are coming to market that accurate valuations are becoming almost impossible to make. Numbers are simply being plucked out of the air. The figure of 40% was not plucked out of thin air. Note: Verbs such as pull or pick can be used instead of pluck. She pulled a figure out of the air, an amount she thought would cover several months' rent on an office.
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and plug
n. wine; cheap wine. (Originally black.) He buys pluck by the box, yes the box! You spilled your plug all over my car seat!
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That means the military will likely push for more fixed-price contracts in the future, Plucker said.
1 Skandera [Sk] For [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the products of the Plucker coordinates satisfy the inequality
Collection of Tendu Leaves is done by the Primary Co-operative Societies of actual pluckers.
The change, Plucker said, is expected to help public service agencies maintain experienced forces and to increase morale among peace officers.
Almost all pension pluckers leave a trail of civil lawsuits naming them as defendants by both creditors and debtors alike.
European countries have traditionally had contractors involved to a greater degree than North America has," Plucker said.
BOSS market will regain momentum as changes to the force and base structure as well as most readjustments to spending will have taken effect, stated Plucker.
military will contribute to the residual demand for BOSS," said Frost & Sullivan Aerospace & Defense Director Wayne Plucker .
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We would have had to spend $4,000 just for the cheapest plucker we could buy," he said.
greater than or equal to] 0] [7, 9], which may be defined as the subset of the real Grassmannian where all Plucker coordinates have the same sign.
I thought it would be painful" - Liz Hill was a plucker, but she could be a convert to threading READY TO THREAD: Harvir Powar, right and main picture, manager of the Biju Brow Bar in House of Fraser Pictures by IAN McINTYRE
IRISHMAN Vincent Pilkington, is fuming over the feared loss of his world title as the fastest turkey plucker on the planet.
Notable brews on tap included Pheasant Plucker, Mad Goose, Hop Stock & Barrel and Hung, Drawn and Portered.
Paul from Chelmsford is already the world's fastest turkey plucker, after beating celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to the title when he plucked three 16lb turkeys ready for the oven in just 11 minutes and 30 seconds.