pluck off

pluck something off (of) someone or something

 and pluck something off
to pick something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) She plucked the mosquito off his back before it could bite him. She plucked off the bud.
See also: off, pluck
References in classic literature ?
Grieved as I was over the theft, I did not punish the gardener, of whose fidelity I was well assured, but I determined to pluck off all the fruit in the following year before it was ripe, as I had not much belief in the magician's warning.
Fight back using a nontoxic method: Pluck off and discard any affected foliage (do not compost), and apply horticultural oil monthly.
I like brined turkeykosher turkey is already brined, so it's easy to prepare, once you pluck off any lingering feathers.
Pluck off the fleshy, round, young Malabar spinach leaves or the shoot tips and leaves of New Zealand spinach.
The motivation to play for that shirt is complete right now, but unlikely to last long as Europe's big spenders circle to pluck off their best players and possibly Simeone himself.
Don't hesitate to reach out and pluck mulberries off the trees just after you finish your flight -- it's not every day that you can pluck off berries, or any fruit for that matter, once you're back in the big city.
Then puts it over the trashcan provided and I watch him pluck off the feathers.
Apart from Being Human emblazoned on them, you could easily mistake his ocreationso for something youAEd pluck off from the racks of a Gap or a Giordano store.
Rhyme would pluck off the earthworms and sell them to local bait shops.
PLUCK OFF THE IRISH Models Nadia Forde and Claire Moore launch Monster Of Rock concert yesterday in Dublin Pictures: BRIAN McEVOY; SONG BIRDS Claire and Nadia drum up support
But he's for real, and that's why Obama and Clinton try to pluck off and repackage parts of his message, while, of course, giving him no credit for it.
There was not a bit of flesh to pluck off him, just bones and carcass.
This way, NBC gets to scan the schedule and pluck off a dandy little matchup it would prefer to expose in prime time.
Take 12 dozens of roses, pluck off the rose petals, and use them to create a thick blanket over the top of the bed.
Unlike the recruits, microbes are too small to pluck off.