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plough on

To move, progress, or develop at a slow but constant and deliberate pace, especially that which is menial, time consuming, or tedious. Primarily heard in UK. John: "Hey Steve, what's new?" Steve: "Nothing much, just been ploughing on with research for my thesis." A: "I've still got a ways to go before I'll be finished clearing out debris from the property." B: "Well, just keep ploughing on until you're done!"
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plow the sands

To do something that seems futile. I know that I'm just plowing the sands by telling you to stay away from that boy, but I'm your father, and I don't want to see you get hurt. That couch will never fit up the steps—tell them to stop plowing the sands!
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First to arrive was Joan and Allen Woodall from Brockholes, each driving a tractor with a plough attached.
Hymns sung included For the Beauty of The Earth, For the Fruits of His Creation,We Plough The Fields and Scatter and JoanWoodall played the accordion for Farmer, Farmer Plough Your Field, which was so popular it was sung twice.
PLOUGH SHARES: Top, the ploughing service at Hade Edge Methodist Church, from left, John Hill, World Ploughing Champion, Val Hill with Maurice Garlick and, inset, the Rev Charlotte Lorimer (left) pictured with members of the congregation during the blessing ceremony at last year's event (PC300111Hplough-01)
But he never dreamt that 64 years on he would be reunited with the same plough for his last ploughing event before retiring at the age of 77.
Despite attempts to trace and buy the plough during that time, the piece of vintage machinery remained elusive.
And when he learnt that it was the same plough that Mr Hall had used in his first ploughing competition, he organised a vintage fun day to reunite it with his mentor for one last time.
FLINTSHIRE found itself at the centre of the vintage machinery world when a rare plough was put through its paces by the farmer who helped restore it.
Brynford enthusiast John Hooson demonstrated a six-furrow semi-mounted plough 46 years after its launch by manufacturer David Brown.
When I first hitched up the six-furrow plough, I think quite a few people expected me to fail," said Mr Hooson.
Farmer's daughter Debbie Watson is preparing to plough a lonely furrow ( the only girl in a national skills competition.
She is expected to be the only girl in her class ( the Young Farmers' vintage conventional plough ( at the event in October in Guildford.
Debbie plans to take part in a number of matches to get as much practice as she can on the Massey Ferguson 1952 plough and 1959 tractor.
A rare plough, thought to be one of only six of its kind to have survived the last 60 years, was back among the furrows at Peepy Farm, Stocksfield, on Sunday in the hands of veteran ploughman George Hall.
Mr Hall, of East Forest Farm, Earsdon, near Morpeth, has himself been ploughing in competitions for 61 years, but had never come across the trailed type of David Brown plough until he saw this rusting survivor at his friend and rival Raymond Edmondson's agricultural engineering works at Rothbury.
At first Mr Edmondson would not be persuaded to part with the plough - thought to be only one of six in the UK and Ireland - but after a number of years Mr Hall was allowed to take the plough off his hands and set about restoring it.