plough a lonely furrow

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plough a lone(ly) furrow

To do something in isolation; to act without the help of others. Primarily heard in UK. I tried to offer Jonathan help with the project, but he'd rather plough a lone furrow.
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plough a lonely furrow


plough a lone furrow

If someone ploughs a lonely furrow or ploughs a lone furrow, they do something by themselves and in their own way, without any help or support from other people. It seems that Shattock was something of an original thinker, ploughing a lonely furrow. Stein sandwich bar continues to plough a lone furrow as the building's only occupant. Note: This expression is very variable. Their government is more than adept at ploughing its own diplomatic furrow. Note: A furrow is a long narrow trench made in the ground by a plough.
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plough a lonely (or your own) furrow

follow a course of action in which you are isolated or in which you can act independently.
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That perhaps does not tell the full story, however, as he had to plough a lone furrow along the stands side - a manoeuvre which hardly helped Pat Cosgrave force the issue.
Nahki has shown us what he's about, but it's been tough for him to plough a lone furrow up front.
Bhoys striker Gary Hooper will be asked to plough a lone furrow in attack, as the hosts focus on making sure they stay in contention for the second leg.
Bolton were without club-record signing Johan Elmander due to a groin injury and Kevin Davies was asked to plough a lone furrow up front.
The muscular presence of Rangers striker Lafferty meant David Healy wouldn't have to plough a lone furrow up front.
England, who were 1-20 with Miller is likely to plough a lone furrow at Hampdenand he is 16-1 to score first and 100-1 to score first in both games.
Owen is not the sort of player to plough a lone furrow up front.
Good old Marcus Bent can't plough a lone furrow forever and who else have we got?
But the goalless draw against Liverpool suggests that the Boro's attack needs further fine tuning, especially as Michael Ricketts was often asked to plough a lone furrow against Liverpool.
Until then Harps had done a fair job of containing the home side and had even come out after the break looking threatening themselves, even though they relied on Kevin McHugh to plough a lone furrow in attack.
WHILE South Shields continue to plough a lone furrow at the top of the First Division table, it is a case of pick any one from eight when trying to identify the team most likely to challenge them in the run in.
Imperial Monarch and Joseph O'Brien plough a lone furrow on the wide outside up the Sandown straight
The Irish striker, signed by Mick McCarthy and given a five-year contract by Niall Quinn in the summer, was again asked to plough a lone furrow.
MICHAEL OWEN may have to plough a lone furrow at Bolton again this afternoon after only Florent Sinama-Pongolle was declared fit for a Premiership comeback,writes Andy Hunter.
Bonetti has forced Fabian Caballero to plough a lone furrow up front in the last few games but he'll revert to 4-4-2 tomorrow.