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brew a plot

To conspire; to devise a secret plan. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be brewing a plot! My siblings and I are brewing a plot to surprise our parents with a trip for their anniversary.
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lose the plot

1. To act in a disorganized, chaotic, or irrational manner. Primarily heard in UK. Roger seems to have lost the plot ever since his wife died. I'm sorry about last night. I had one too many drinks and just lost the plot.
2. To lose focus on one's primary objective, principle, or task. Our co-op had a really promising start, but we started catering to individuals too much instead and eventually lost the plot.
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brew a plot

Fig. to plot something; to make a plot. The children brewed an evil plot to get revenge on their teacher. We brewed a plot so that we would not have to help with dinner.
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plot against someone or something

to make a scheme against someone or something. All the counselors plotted against the czar. We plotted against the opposing party.
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plot something on something

to draw a route or outline on something. He plotted the course they would be taking on a map of the area. The captain plotted the course on a chart of the upper reaches of the Nile.
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plot something out

to map something out; to outline a plan for something. I have an idea about how to remodel this room. Let me plot it out for you. I plotted out my ideas for the room.
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plot thickens

Things are becoming more complicated or interesting. The police assumed that the woman was murdered by her ex-husband, but he has an alibi. The plot thickens. John is supposed to be going out with Mary, but I saw him last night with Sally. The plot thickens.
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plot with someone

to scheme with someone. Mary looks as though she is plotting with Jerry to make some sort of mischief. I am not plotting with anyone. I am planning everything myself.
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plot thickens, the

Circumstances are becoming very complex or mysterious. Today this term is often used ironically or half-humorously, as in His companion wasn't his wife or his partner-the plot thickens. Originally (1671) it described the plot of a play that was overly intricate, and by the late 1800s it was used for increasingly complex mysteries in detective stories.
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lose the plot

COMMON If someone loses the plot, they become confused or crazy, or no longer know how to deal with a situation. Vikram's working so many hours as a junior doctor he's losing the plot completely and keeps mumbling about the people he's killed by falling asleep on the job. Famous people may be reluctant to link themselves with a store group that seems to have lost the fashion plot.
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the plot thickens

People say the plot thickens when a situation or series of events starts to become even more complicated or strange. The plot thickens when he finds diamonds worth 6m euros hidden in a box of salt in the dead man's room. At this point the plot thickened further. A link emerged between the attempt to kill the Pope and the kidnapping of the American. Note: This phrase was widely used in 19th century melodramas, or popular plays that involved extreme situations and extreme emotions, and is now used humorously
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plot against

To establish a plan to overthrow or ruin someone or something: The spies plotted against the government.
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plot out

1. To place something on a graph: The students plotted out the equation and determined that it was a parabola. We determined the coordinates and plotted them out on the graph.
2. To establish some plan, path, or course: We plotted out the best route through the mountains. The captain plotted the ship's course out on the chart.
3. To make a thorough analysis of some plan: The governor met with his top advisers to plot out a new strategy. Before we started the company, we spent six months just plotting it out.
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It is a pattern that helps to explain the appeal of this plotless tragedy in musical terms.
Written in wry, limpid prose and constructed in a seemingly plotless, elliptical way, the stories of Dear Life violate a host of creative writing rules, but they establish yet again Munro's psychological acuity, clear-eyed acceptance of frailties and mastery or the short story form.
Weiss applies these principles to both plotless works and his story ballets, which he tailors to fit his 34-member company.
Tue-Thu, Warwick Arts Centre) *** Streetdance 2 (PG) Lacklustre, plotless sequel in which streetdancer Ash enlists the help of flamenco expert Eve to help his crew beat their rivals in a major contest.
Starring: Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke An unsettling though largely plotless drama looking at the excesses of a group of 80s hedonists.
The plotless "narrative" of more than one hundred canvases, rendered in a palette of marigold and pea soup, has only a general order, accumulating meaning frame by frame like an exploded comic book.
But things took an unusual turn in the almost plotless second half, when the mismatched pair inexplicably found themselves inside a strange pod.
Although that genre may suggest plotless contrivances where charactersqua-philosophical positions engage in artificial debates, Mulisch--like Mann and Bellow and, more recently, DeLillo and Richard Powers--deploys articulate characters who engage in the exhilarating endeavor to think through Big Questions within a mystifying universe.
Mass Transit is largely plotless, driven more by its own dynamic of autocritique than by any novelistic action.
Harvard lecturer Robert Scanlan, in a spellbinding, scene-by-scene exegesis of Kennedy's Funnyhouse of a Negro, argues that, though the work may appear plotless to some, it actually offers a "plot structure .
Streetdance 2 (PG) George Sampson and an accent mangling Tom Conti are the biggest names in this lacklustre, plotless sequel in which streetdancer Ash enlists the help of flamenco expert Eve to help his crew beat their rivals in a major contest.
He gets to work with some of the best dancers, he can do both narrative and plotless ballets, he makes dances all over the world--and he has great turnout
Puke in the Cinema, 1998; Retard, 2000; and Movie Star Junkie, 1997, match-cut frames from a variety of films according to abject subject matter, generating crude and plotless star-studded epics.
It's an episodic, essentially plotless movie - misadventures, romancing, misadventures, romancing - that finally decides to get around to a story 90 minutes into its 2 1/2-hour running time.