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cow flop

and cow plop
n. a mass of cow dung. Mrs. Wilson is out in the pasture gathering cow flops for her garden. When walking out on the range land, we try to avoid “cow plops,” as the wranglers call them.
See also: cow, flop

cow plop

See also: cow, plop


1. n. the sound of dropping something soft and bulky, such as a hunk of meat. When the roast fell on the floor, it made a nasty plop.
2. tv. to put or place something (somewhere). I don’t mind cooking a turkey. You only have to plop it in the oven and forget about it.
3. tv. to sit oneself down somewhere; to place one’s buttocks somewhere. (The it in the examples is the buttocks.) Come in, Fred. Just plop it anywhere you see a chair. This place is a mess.
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The water vole makes this plopping sound when it dives into water,many believe as a warning to other voles,but nevertheless an endearing feature of this clumsy, rotund fellow.
Rather than plopping your pooch at the first available fire hydrant, enjoy an easy jog around the neighborhood with him.
The movie song of the year was written hundreds of years ago, drifting across the Atlantic Ocean from its Celtic birthplace and plopping itself down in the Appalachians.
Unfortunately, many young dancers take the opposite approach: They go on crash diets to "get in shape," get overtired and stretch their cold bodies by plopping down into a side split before class--a sure way to become injured
Teams disperse through the planting area, clearing patches of rocks and growth, digging small holes and plopping the bare-root native seedling in the cold soil.
Jill Hill's self-absorbed Sabina sets an immediate tone of confusion under control, plopping into a convenient empty seat as she urges the audience not to take what they're seeing seriously.
His tail wagging with doggy energy, Aero made his way through the hallway of familiar faces with a puppy grin stuck on his hairy face, but on command, the 9-month-old Golden retriever became all business - stopping and plopping underneath his handler's desk.
If your answer is ``Nowhere, buddy, I'm plopping on the couch and watching the tube,'' check out the latest crop of TV listings sites.
Starling says parents can give themselves a break from nagging by plopping her CD into their stereo systems, punching the repeat button, and walking away.