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cow flop

and cow plop
n. a mass of cow dung. Mrs. Wilson is out in the pasture gathering cow flops for her garden. When walking out on the range land, we try to avoid “cow plops,” as the wranglers call them.
See also: cow, flop

cow plop

See also: cow, plop


1. n. the sound of dropping something soft and bulky, such as a hunk of meat. When the roast fell on the floor, it made a nasty plop.
2. tv. to put or place something (somewhere). I don’t mind cooking a turkey. You only have to plop it in the oven and forget about it.
3. tv. to sit oneself down somewhere; to place one’s buttocks somewhere. (The it in the examples is the buttocks.) Come in, Fred. Just plop it anywhere you see a chair. This place is a mess.
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The original lyrics are simply: "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is
I tipped them into the creek, plop, plop-plop "Have a nice day
He watches him cast into the lake, seeing the bait and hook plop into the water and appear on the bottom screen underwater.
After such an exciting evening, a child cannot just take off a costume, plop into bed, and be expected to go to sleep.
Most titles with a central character immediately plop you in the main role and send you off.
Gather all the weight they fudged, lash it to their ankles and plop them down in the Aqueduct grandstand.
Is it unpatriotic to just plop down with my microwaved Salisbury steak to catch the 456th repeat of the 278th episode of ``Law & Order''?
Perhaps the Germans don't think we're well-heeled enough to plop down that kind of dough when toe cleavage is not involved.
Anyone with a laptop or PDA with wireless capability (such as my $20 card) can plop down anywhere around the Van Nuys Civic Center/Courthouse complex and log on for free to the community network.
Why not plop that New York mom in the Sudan - that'll get you big laughs.
The film plops the delightfully incompetent character, the "celebrity interviewer to the stars," into the Toronto film festival, where he suddenly finds himself the prime suspect in the murder of a fading actress.
Once there, he changes into pajamas, eats his lunch, and then plops onto the couch for an afternoon nap.
James) plops down to flip channels on her TV, has a brief duet with a reproving Aunt Em (Valarie Pettiford, who is also Glinda) and -- wham
We're still on plops and potties in our house but that's another story.