plonk down

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plonk something down

to slap something down; to plop something down. He plonked a dollar down and demanded a newspaper. He plonked down his beer mug on the bar.
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Mr Bhandarkar also heads the race to plonk down bonus words, averaging two per game and also achieved the best second round score of 567.
But what he would give to have a medal to plonk down on the mantlepiece of his Sandbanks mansion - and surely no-one will bet against him climbing the Wembley steps after this.
In both Pisa and Rome, I have had waiters plonk down plastic tubs of a commercially made tiramisu.
Pearse, whose movie The Mighty Celt showcased at the Dublin Film Festival on Friday, said the former X-Files pin-up was more than happy to plonk down on his mum's settee and put her feet up.
But it's a much wider issue than what we plonk down for tea each night.