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plod on

To move, progress, or develop at a slow but constant and deliberate pace. John: "Hey Steve, what's new?" Steve: "Nothing much, just been plodding on with my thesis for the last few weeks." My 95-year-old grandfather still makes a point of plodding on to the local shop each morning to catch up with neighbors and friends. I could feel my eyelids getting heavy as the lecture plodded on.
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plod along

To move, progress, or develop at a slow but constant and deliberate pace. I've been plodding along with my thesis for the last few weeks and making some decent progress. My 95-year-old grandfather still makes a point of plodding along to the local shop each morning to catch up with neighbors and friends. As the lecture plodded along, I could feel my eyelids getting heavy.
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plod along

to move along slowly but deliberately. I'm just plodding along, but I am getting the job done. The old man plodded along, hardly able to stand. The movie plodded along putting most of the audience to sleep.
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plod away at something

to keep trying to do something. He continues to plod away at writing his novel. It's been three years now. How long have you been plodding away at that book?
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plod through something

to work one's way through something laboriously. I just plodded through my work today. I had no energy at all. This is certainly a lot of papers to have to plod through.
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Written ploddingly by Dana Stevens, based on a novel by Michael Shaara, For Love of the Game is the story of Billy Chapel, star pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, who has two crises dumped on his lap within the film's first fifteen minutes.
Thanks to Modleski, a generation of feminists could, sometimes more ploddingly, ask, What do women do with Star Trek?
I mean you get these translations that are terrible, so ploddingly true, or maybe off beat altogether.
While its determined but pliant rising triple rhythm and variable line lengths hold up well against the ploddingly consistent iambic tetrameter of Ernest Radford's wholly conventional 'A Sundial -- Flowers of Time' (p.
that ordinary, discursive reasoning only ploddingly or ineffectually
In discussing Disney's numerous projects, he'll dutifully, ploddingly report what the critics said, both for and against, only occasionally enlivening the proceedings with his own point of view.
Some services are ploddingly slow, and it may take several minutes for even a single page of graphics to transfer to the user's desktop machine.
Although rather ploddingly chronological, here readers are offered the material which will enable them to contextualise historically the current Conservative predicament.
Without question, Tom on occasion proceeded ploddingly, and to the exasperation of his coworkers, he elevated procrastination to an art form.
The translation, too, is accurate, though it is also ploddingly literal.
Overall, however, Soos honde van die hemel moves ploddingly.
For many years it has been possible for books to do well on the children's list which are not strikingly popular with children and which are ploddingly worthy rather than vital or perceptive.
But they worked on, patiently, ploddingly, determinedly, all through the '20s, '30s and '40s, the E.
Until then, when there'd been marital difficulties, her mother had always been the patient one--so ploddingly patient in fact that she sometimes wondered if the woman had no imagination; family always came first and mother was selflessly devoted to her daughter.
Ryklin's narrative style, too, is a far cry from the language of Rabelais and His World, where Bakhtin alternates between naive ecstatics and ploddingly dull academic prose.