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plod on

To move, progress, or develop at a slow but constant and deliberate pace. John: "Hey Steve, what's new?" Steve: "Nothing much, just been plodding on with my thesis for the last few weeks." My 95-year-old grandfather still makes a point of plodding on to the local shop each morning to catch up with neighbors and friends. I could feel my eyelids getting heavy as the lecture plodded on.
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plod along

To move, progress, or develop at a slow but constant and deliberate pace. I've been plodding along with my thesis for the last few weeks and making some decent progress. My 95-year-old grandfather still makes a point of plodding along to the local shop each morning to catch up with neighbors and friends. As the lecture plodded along, I could feel my eyelids getting heavy.
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plod along

to move along slowly but deliberately. I'm just plodding along, but I am getting the job done. The old man plodded along, hardly able to stand. The movie plodded along putting most of the audience to sleep.
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plod away at something

to keep trying to do something. He continues to plod away at writing his novel. It's been three years now. How long have you been plodding away at that book?
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plod through something

to work one's way through something laboriously. I just plodded through my work today. I had no energy at all. This is certainly a lot of papers to have to plod through.
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Overall, however, Soos honde van die hemel moves ploddingly.
For many years it has been possible for books to do well on the children's list which are not strikingly popular with children and which are ploddingly worthy rather than vital or perceptive.
Rather than attack Cohen's speech as pretentious nonsense, Nunn answered ploddingly that "there are a number of very significant differences between the committee's proceedings on the Tower nomination and the events in Salem," and proceeded to enumerate them.
Ploddingly dull with a formulaic storyline that inevitably succumbs to clich while failing to muster half the eroticism of The Chippendales.
AND full-back Kyle Naughton, on loan from Spurs, was ploddingly workmanlike but not spectacular or eye-catching.
Professor Curtler attacks a polemical critical method that reads imaginative works in ploddingly literal terms and identifies each utterance with the settled opinion of the author; I challenge a view that submerges both work and writer m the ideological matrix of the writer's society and obliterates the distinction between literature and other forms of writing.
Having seen a ploddingly earnest revival in the '80s, I knew that the show can come off as a stodgy relic.
Still, Morahan and Wakefield elevate their characters and make them genuinely engaging, deserving of far better suitors than the ploddingly earnest gents thrust into their paths.
On their best songs, such as Out Of Mind, they were excellent but most tunes were too ploddingly pedestrian to be exciting.
Brown's was ploddingly adequate and showed why he isn't.
Director Abigail Morris brings a bit of snap in the musical numbers to a script that is ploddingly obvious from the start and offers few revelations.
human being as he inserts hi myself between an infinite past and an infinite future, must discover and ploddingly pave it anew.
Like biblical chapters that ploddingly enumerate the generations of mankind, large portions of part 2 of Denkmalpflege und Musikwissenschaft are given over to conveying the succession of contributors and office holders in the GHDTO.
Law & Order and Homicide present their protagonists as low-key working stiffs with a strong sense of morals who ploddingly put together the clues that will solve a crime.
When Su Che chose the name "Terrace of Transcendence" [UNKOWN TEXT OMITTED] for Su Shi's pavilion at Mizhou, and wrote fu about it, is that fu really as ploddingly conventional as Fuller implies (p.