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plod on

To move, progress, or develop at a slow but constant and deliberate pace. John: "Hey Steve, what's new?" Steve: "Nothing much, just been plodding on with my thesis for the last few weeks." My 95-year-old grandfather still makes a point of plodding on to the local shop each morning to catch up with neighbors and friends. I could feel my eyelids getting heavy as the lecture plodded on.
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plod along

To move, progress, or develop at a slow but constant and deliberate pace. I've been plodding along with my thesis for the last few weeks and making some decent progress. My 95-year-old grandfather still makes a point of plodding along to the local shop each morning to catch up with neighbors and friends. As the lecture plodded along, I could feel my eyelids getting heavy.
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plod along

to move along slowly but deliberately. I'm just plodding along, but I am getting the job done. The old man plodded along, hardly able to stand. The movie plodded along putting most of the audience to sleep.
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plod away at something

to keep trying to do something. He continues to plod away at writing his novel. It's been three years now. How long have you been plodding away at that book?
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plod through something

to work one's way through something laboriously. I just plodded through my work today. I had no energy at all. This is certainly a lot of papers to have to plod through.
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The former Manchester United plodder is 2-1 with Ladbrokes to join Blackburn in the summer.
There's no way this can be slotted in the 'driving machine/driving fun' category, it's more of a sturdy, reliable plodder.
1, a 350-1 chance when the tournament started, had taken out Grand Prix finalist Brendan Dolan and Northants plodder James Richardson in the first couple of rounds and then had to show real guts yesterday by coming from a set down to shatter the dreams of part-time Aussie Nicholson.
I'm a bit of a plodder when it comes to books I'm not particularly enjoying.
And Caldwell added: "Some people called Alan a big plodder.
GARY ANDERSON is a maximums machine when he is in the mood and the Flying Scotsman can be strongly fancied to outscore German plodder Jyhan Artut in tonight's World Championship first-round clash at Alexandra Palace, writes Steve Palmer.
The short-hitting plodder has not bettered 35th place in his seven events since and the Earth Course is too long for him to be competitive this week.
This is most glaringly obvious in midfield, where we persist with plodder Frank Lampard, who has never - convinced in 87 attempts, and super-plodder Gareth Barry, whose lack of pace was brutally exposed in the last World Cup.
It's abundantly clear he won't be staying at Madrid and it's hard to see a club in the Premiership, where pace is all, paying pounds 5million for a onefooted plodder way past the sell-by date.
Kalk Bay is unexposed and hails from a top yard which was desperate for him to run in the Lincoln, but he looked a bit of a plodder last season and nothing he has achieved on the book entitles him to be as short as he is this morning.
Best joke of the week so far has been seeing this so-called hot-shot horsewoman in action yesterday, bouncing over a tiny cross-pole on a good-natured plodder with a look of sheer terror in her eyes.
Connections clearly think they have found their horse the ideal opportunity to win a weak (for the track, anyway) maiden and I suspect they will ride him a bit closer this time - now they know he is much more of a plodder than a quickener over 1m2f.
Kuyt (right) was chosen ahead of Ruud van Nistelrooy by Holland during the World Cup, but looked even less of a thoroughbred than the former Manchester United plodder.
He's not short of speed but that win in France showed he was crying out for a step up in trip and although 1m2f might still be on the short side, he is no one-paced plodder.
The way he quickened up in the Aon showed he's no plodder and is capable of running a big race.