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ply between (something and something else)

to travel between things or places regularly or constantly. There are a number of small craft that ply between Santerem and Manaus on a regular basis. Our little ship was unable to ply the entire distance between the two islands.
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ply (someone with something else)

to try to supply or give something to someone. (Implies an attempt to influence or fawn upon someone.) We plied the mayor with gifts and favors, but it got us nowhere. Don't try to ply the police officer with gifts. That is considered a bribe.

ply somebody with something

to give someone a lot of something We were plied with coffee, doughnuts, and refreshments. He plied me with liquor, hoping to get me drunk.
Usage notes: often used in the form ply someone with questions (to ask someone a lot of questions): Anxious to hear the latest news, they plied us with questions.
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ply your trade

(slightly formal)
to do your usual work Fishermen in small boats ply their trade up and down the coast.
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ply your trade

to do your usual work or business Fishermen in small boats ply their trade up and down the coast.
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ply with

To give someone substantial amounts of something, such as drinks or other favors, especially to encourage cooperation or to manipulate: She plied the spy with wine, hoping that he would reveal his true identity.
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References in classic literature ?
He had plied her with liquor in the hope of exciting her, but she had no taste for wine; and though she liked him to order champagne because it looked well, she never drank more than half a glass.
Two days later, as the steamer Mariposa plied her customary route between Tahiti and San Francisco, the passengers ceased playing deck quoits, abandoned their card games in the smoker, their novels and deck chairs, and crowded the rail to stare at the small boat that skimmed to them across the sea before a light following breeze.
From one of these, a scow-schooner captain who plied up and down the bay and the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers, Daughtry had the promise of being engaged as cook and sailor on the schooner Howard.
The featherless beings plied their work cheerfully, and answered, "Reform
She bent her head over her work, and plied her needle with unwonted swiftness.
They plied a brisk trade in a vast variety of commodities.
I plied them well with wine; and being a privileged character, followed the unpopular dishes round the table, and whispered to the company confidentially, "Please to change your mind and try it; for I know it will do you good.
Hardy Poole, director of the product services division of the American Textiles Manufacturers' Institute, said, "Historically, in the United States, plied yarn counts as a single yarn, but in fabrics from offshore, labeled in their country of origin, plied yarns may be counted as two.
A yarn -- whether it is single or plied -- is still a yarn," he said.
22) suggests that samples be plied to increase their effective thickness; this was done to determine the effect of varying sample thickness.
Once the 2 mm thick samples were plied to 8 mm thick (the standard thickness required for the IRHD dead load tester) the results came within the specified tolerances of the test pieces.