plenty of

plenty of (something)

An abundant amount of; more than is needed. Thankfully, plenty of people have signed up for the class this year. There's plenty of food, so don't feel shy about loading up your plate!
See also: of, plenty

plenty of something

lots of something; an abundance of something; enough of something. I have plenty of candy. Do you want some? This project is giving me plenty of trouble.
See also: of, plenty
References in classic literature ?
I was high bred and had a great deal of spirit, and was very wild, no doubt, and gave them, I dare say, plenty of trouble, but then it was dreadful to be shut up in a stall day after day instead of having my liberty, and I fretted and pined and wanted to get loose.
Now this king and queen had plenty of money, and plenty of fine clothes to wear, and plenty of good things to eat and drink, and a coach to ride out in every day: but though they had been married many years they had no children, and this grieved them very much indeed.
If they succeed they will create an appalling precedent for future elections: on the following Friday morning there will be plenty of parents who feel physically sick when they hear the result, plenty of losers who think they should be winners and plenty of those in the legal profession who think they have a veto on election results that they do not like.
Plenty of saves by goalie Alex McGee, coupled with superb passing and on-goal targets, saw Boro lead 7-1 at the break.
He's given her plenty of time to get over that and this is unlikely to contain another Lumiere.
The Pavilion is the main focus of the competitions and ceremonies taking place throughout the course of the festival, but there are plenty of activities for people of all ages all over the Maes and beyond.
Synopsis: In "Go Deep and Take Plenty of Root: A Prairie-Norwegian Father, Rebellion in Minneapolis, Basement Zen, Growing Up, Growing Tender", Erik Storlie explores his conflicted prairie-Norwegian roots, a sixties Beat scene in Minneapolis that inspired the early Bob Dylan, friendship with the poets James Wright and Robert Bly, and his almost fifty years of Zen meditation.
Located where parking is a premium but has plenty of easy in and out parking right outside it's front and rear doors.
There are plenty of restaurants to choose from for those who want to have an evening out, or there are plenty of shops for those who prefer a little retail therapy.
As usual, you can expect plenty of ribbing from team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop.
The gates open from 11am onwards and the clubhouse bar from noon with plenty of refreshments available.
EVERTON are advising supporters planning to attend Thursday's Europa group game against Benfica to purchase their tickets in plenty of time.
THE Royal Ascot Racing Club seem sure to have plenty of fun with Cabinet this year after the improving colt made a triumphant start to the campaign at Nottingham yesterday.
Drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself well hydrated.
Lots of physical slapstick with this one along with plenty of colorful, wacky characters to go along with Chester.